Weston came in town Friday because his Dave is shipping out for a 2 month deployment in DG. I didn't get to see him that evening because they were doing family things. Around 12:30 that night, though, he ran over to my apartment from his hotel. he got here around 1. We began walking the 5 miles back to his hotel. We stopped at Denny's for a little Denny's date. Then, continued walking. We were so exhausted, it was around 3 or 4. We stopped at the Best Western and slept in the lobby for about an hour & a half! hahah We looked like such bums. Originally we were going to go hottubbing @ his hotel, so I had on sweats and a sweatshirt over my swimsuit and he had on sweatpants and a hoodie. We were sprawled out on the couch. I started getting embarrassed as the manager would walk through, etc. We started walking and made it to his hotel at 6:30 Saturday mornin! hahah! His mom and dad then left for the airport and we caught about 3 hours of sleep. That day we headed over to UVU for the Utah HS state basketball tournament that Tasha was cheering at. Afterwards, we all went to Olive Garden for lunch! Thanks so much Mama Joan! After lunch we went to Cabela's in Lehi... Weston wasn't kidding about that place, it's insane! Later that night, we all played games at the hotel and ate ice cream and watched a movie. We did a little jowling. & Weston let me squish his face, he's such a good sport. Weston thinks that because he's bigger he can bully me around. Stuff like this happens way too often. Weston was rocking back in his chair and I started pushing it back somehow, I lost and almost got thrown into the pool. Yiiiikes. Today we went to church then made a really yummy lunch & watched the USA v. Canada hockey game & slowly slipped into a food coma. It was so fun to spend time with the Brinks again! I've missed them & Weston too. It was a really nice weekend. xoxohumptydumpty


It's birthday time in 303!

So, the lovely Sydney Marne Schindler is 21 today. This girl is my second half. Let me fill you in on some of her goodness, that I'm sure you already are aware of. 1. She is the most loyal friend. 2. She has the greatest & weirdest sense of humor. That's why we get along. 3. She is the toughest girl I know. She can take the cold. The pain. The intensity. This girl can handle it all. 4. She has the greatest sense of style. Something I've always admired & a talent I've NEVER had. This girl can take the weirdest things and make them look snazzy. 5. This girl is the most amazing artist & photographer. She can make anyone look good. She has the hand of Michelangelo. 6. She's just as much of a night owl as me. 7. She is beautiful on the inside & out. This girl has a solid knowledge of Jesus Christ & she has the most profound insight. 8. She's the most bomb cook ever! This girl says it's her mom with the gift, but it must be genetic. She knows what herbs and spices taste good together. Give her a chicken and some peppers and in 20 minutes you will have a masterpiece. 9. She's the best aunt I know. She's not the hugest fan of kids, but she loves her nephews more than the sun & she loves spoiling them! No chocolate is not in her aunt vocab. 10. She's German. Her sweet mom will send German chocolate in care packages or cute little German things. It's great Basically, Sydney is one amazing girl and my serious soul-sister. I've never laughed or cried so much with one person. We have had some serious weird experiences together & some seriously hilarious experiences together. She makes me laugh so hard. She is really good at telling stories & loves telling stories. She always listens or acts like she's listening to my stories, which makes her a saint, because I am terrible at it. She is empathetic and patient, however doesn't put up with crap. She always gives the benefit of the doubt & does a great job at listening to both sides of every story. She is very forgiving and understanding with people. I love Sydney. She has been the greatest roomate for 3 years. I will miss her next year when she'll be married to my other best friend, but I couldn't be happier for her. My little girl is growing up. Happy 21st Syd!
Here's a few pictures from some of our escapades:
[not in chronological order]
Thing 1 & Thing 2
We go dancing. a lot.
We snuggle.
Don't be deceived, she likes it.
We have good hygeine.
Most of the time.
We take fotos.
We play in the snow.
& pull all nighters.
We [pretend to] study.
Peace, love & chicken grease.
We've been to a few fires.
& have great hoodie sillhoettes.
We party hardy.
We love David Drake! Word.
We have school spirit.
We survived a camp trip from hell.
Literally, we survived. As in, we almost died.
We are still ridiculously good looking even while survivng the camp trip from hell.
We go on lesbian dates.
We like weenies.
Sometimes we forget social skills.
We party in Tennessee.
We lie on the Natchez Bridge.
We have movie-worthy reunions.
We are cheesey.
We are rebels
We hold hands.
We take myspace pictures.
We do LL fotochutes.
We celebrate Easter.
I love her.


4 Eyes.

I have had glasses since first grade and probably have needed them since birth.
I am legally blind. Literally without my glasses or contacts I wouldn't be able to make it from the bathroom to my bed. Thank you modern technology! & Dr. Neiber, who wears those horrendous-looking, calf-strengthening sketchers shoes. Don't worry, they're completely black, so it's more discrete. nope. Spence & I diiiied when we saw them over Christmas break. Well anyway, I got a shiny new pair of glasses that arrived in the mail today! Hoorah! Look Momma, you like? xoxothreeblindmice


Friday night: Neon Nite @ Studio
Saturday night we went to a sweet bonfire! It was a nice flame. Kept us very warm. My other half & I got a moment together. It was lovely. I don't mind sharing her. But I miss her! I snapped a pic of these lovely two during their 5 minutes of being there :) Brooke, Rachel, Me, Em & Sarah Kristin, Me, Keenan, Jess, and Sara xoxotherooftherooftheroofisonfire


They Arrived!

The shoelaces came! The huge box was TOTALLY necessary. Check, check, check it out! All laced up baby! I look like a Nike icon...hmm.
xoxoletspraytheankleheals! p.s.I've been having bad Achilles Tendenitis. It sucks and I've only done 2 out of my 4 runs this week. I'm starting to become depressed. P.p.s. I have 2 burns on my shoulder from curing my hair...I should probably win some sort of award for that.


Playing Catchup

I've been slacking my blogging-ness! A few updates:
Got a 100% on my Infectious Disease brief & I'm pretty sure I aced the exam! This is how I feel:
We now have Lunch Group at noon on Wednesdays, interested?
Anyone's welcome, look how much fun we have!
Went to the housing fair and got lots of goodies, yum!
Still have no idea where I'm living.
Went and saw Valentine's Day with my LL.
Movie was okay, company was better.
Went to Olive Garden to take advantage of the $7 unlimited soup, salad & breadsticks.
I shouldn't be allowed in public.

Valentine's Day!
Making goodies for our party!

Me & Kristin sharing a little cousin lovin'.

P-A-R-T-Why? 'Cause I gotta!
Pat, Andrew, Kristin, Brendan, Me & Jenna
Things started to get a little out of hand. Thanks to Syd for lending me her fiance for the night. Since things ended with that one crush I had, I was in need of a Valentine.
Life is good. Goin on lots of fun dates. Doin lots of crazy homework. Plannin lots of future plans. Trying to act like a grownup. Again, life is good. xoxohappyasaclam
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