4 Eyes.

I have had glasses since first grade and probably have needed them since birth.
I am legally blind. Literally without my glasses or contacts I wouldn't be able to make it from the bathroom to my bed. Thank you modern technology! & Dr. Neiber, who wears those horrendous-looking, calf-strengthening sketchers shoes. Don't worry, they're completely black, so it's more discrete. nope. Spence & I diiiied when we saw them over Christmas break. Well anyway, I got a shiny new pair of glasses that arrived in the mail today! Hoorah! Look Momma, you like? xoxothreeblindmice


  1. Very cute, Rach! As for me, I have ALWAYS preferred contacts on folks...but they're fun in a pinch!

  2. My favorite part of this post was the last comment, "Look Momma, you like?" Such a sweet, sweet comment. Rachel, you are a dear one!


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