Playing Catchup

I've been slacking my blogging-ness! A few updates:
Got a 100% on my Infectious Disease brief & I'm pretty sure I aced the exam! This is how I feel:
We now have Lunch Group at noon on Wednesdays, interested?
Anyone's welcome, look how much fun we have!
Went to the housing fair and got lots of goodies, yum!
Still have no idea where I'm living.
Went and saw Valentine's Day with my LL.
Movie was okay, company was better.
Went to Olive Garden to take advantage of the $7 unlimited soup, salad & breadsticks.
I shouldn't be allowed in public.

Valentine's Day!
Making goodies for our party!

Me & Kristin sharing a little cousin lovin'.

P-A-R-T-Why? 'Cause I gotta!
Pat, Andrew, Kristin, Brendan, Me & Jenna
Things started to get a little out of hand. Thanks to Syd for lending me her fiance for the night. Since things ended with that one crush I had, I was in need of a Valentine.
Life is good. Goin on lots of fun dates. Doin lots of crazy homework. Plannin lots of future plans. Trying to act like a grownup. Again, life is good. xoxohappyasaclam


  1. Ummm..you left out a few details of your weekend, but it was sure fun to read and see these cute pics again! xoxoxo

  2. Oh and congrats on your EXCELLENT grades! We're so proud :)!!!

  3. hahaha that pic of you and mj is just cracking me up.
    did you make all those headbands?

  4. i'm glad you are loving life and finding new ways to have fun all the time!!! you are really good at that--which is just another reason syd is lucky to have you as a roommate. and you look so skinny in all your pictures! especially the jumping one--super jealous


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