Uneventful & very eventful.
This weekend was long, fun, slow, sometimes painful, relaxing, homework-filled(again) and it was nice to have the break from the crazy weekdays! Friday... went grocery shopping, did homework and hung out with dirty-D (Diana). It was so nice catching up w/ her & I yakked the poor girl's ear off. Saturday morning I did some homework then met up w/ the Brinks @ University Mall. Saturday night I went and watched my roomate Jessica's HumorU performance, she did awesome! Then I went and met some friends @ Sammy's & then we went and hung out w/ some guys in a band at the Muse. I forgot to turn my phone off silent and woke up Sunday mornin when church started. Due to my speed skills, I was there before the first talk started. I visit taught, got hometaught and did more homework. Thrilling.
In the past 2 weeks I have written 12 2-page, single-spaced papers for Consumer Health. I am done, but my brain is too. & I am now going on my 5th week in the phone room. I'm kinda goin crazy at work. Weston teases me for talking a lot.. but this job just might drive me to a vow of silence!


  1. You certainly had a wide variety of things to do this past weekend. We sat and watched the snow. LOL Really there was more to it then that but not much more. Like your Mom I am getting cabin fever as I can't get my car out of the driveway, much less out of our neighborhood! Love and miss you always, Rachel!

  2. way to go cranking those papers out! that's very impressive. did you return the book with a few highlights in it yet?


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