A New Found Passion.

I couldn't decide on what I wanted to do with my life. I'm talkin about career jazz, not the other stuff. I changed my major about 27 times. Nursing? Grades won't allow it. Special Ed? The legal stuff scared me. Marriage? Uhm, I still think it'd be so fun, but didn't suit me. Nursing? Grades still won't allow it. Health Science? Grad school not so appealing right now. Public Health? What's that? I had never considered Public Health, because I didn't even know what it was. Even after I signed up for it I didn't really know what it was still. I just thought, 'It's health related, doesn't require grad school, & I can still help people. Sounds good to me!' I was nervous that I wouldn't like it, but I was running out of GE's to fill up my time. I started my major classes last semester & fell in LOVE with my major. I still think it's the greatest major offered at BYU. I chose the Health Promotion Track! My dream is to work for a non-profit org in Africa to help battle the HIV/AIDs epidemic. How do we do that? Awareness. Education. I came across the Nike (RED) campaign & fell in love. They sell Red Shoelaces that coincide with the campaign, the profits of the shoelaces are all given straight to the ARV medications that help treat the symptoms of AIDs. While training for my marathon I have been finding little things along the way that are symbolic to me that will be a part of me during my 26.2 mile stretch. I will be wearing these laces on Race day. Do you want to support the cause & provide medications to those who cannot afford them? Go here to learn more about the campaign & go here to purchase some sweet laces.


  1. Great post, Rachel! I'm so excited to see you run in those laces!

  2. Public health major here tooo!! love it. seriously best major ever.


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