Ah, ah, ah, ah stayin' alive. Stayin' alive.

I am alive. I am working full time, selling donating plasma in 2 evenings/week. TRYING to be a good cubscouts leader (I'm not) & of course having husband time.

I try to work out & do my best to sometimes eat healthy. I'm not doing too well, but I'm working on it.

Sometimes, I have days that I think, gosh, I'm tired of being the bread-winner; I love my job, but I'm tired of the monotony.  All the time sometimes I want to have babies & be a mother & make pretty things with my sewing machine & bake home-made bread.  

Sometimes, I'm really good at getting myself out of that thinking rut. 
And sometimes I just need a brownie (or 3).

Then, sometimes, I read pop-up notes that I put in a patient's chart & then I remember that, sometimes, I'm really funny & I remember life is so very sweet.

Also, I remember that complaining is annoying & pointless.
"11/14/12 I believe on the phone this girl said she has "the plague" I'm not exactly sure what she meant by that, but it sounds serious. She said her main symptom is a cough; don't forget to give her a mask! rsb"


Whew! Please send prayers Weston's way as he's going through the admittance process for his paramedic program again!  He's doing really well in school, had great reference letters & a strong application.  He did well on his assessment & now has the interview left next week, but there is a lot depending on his acceptance into the January class. This has been the program class we're hoping for! I'm so proud of him & he has worked so hard, so now our fingers, toes & eyes are crossed that he'll be readmitted for the January program!  :) I love that guy!


We were on top of the world!

This weekend we hiked Timp. Yes it is a 7.5mi (one way) trail. So 15 miles. Well, the trailhead parking lot we wanted was closed so we parked at another trailhead that was 3 mi from our trailhead & hiked that additional distance. 

The grand total we hiked on Saturday was 21 miles.  We had over 1 mile incline and 1 mile decline in elevation throughout our hike. It was exhausting & so fun! Seriously all that hard work payed off. Sunday we managed to roll out of bed, waddle to church & waddle back home & pass out on the air mattress.  We didn't move again till bedtime that night.

I'm not sore anymore except the tendons by my ankles are a little sore, but other than that I have fully recovered! Miraculous! :)

We started our hike at 11a.m.
We just kept plugging & chugging along the trail. 

After our 3 mi hike to the T.H. I was thinking...oh goodness....what did I get myself into? We had probably hiked .5 miles into the timp trail when we passed 3 teenage boys. I said "Uh...are we close" One replied, "Mmm...I have to be completely honest...you're not anywhere close."  Shoot, not the answer I was looking for, I think I was excited for a magical escalator to have been installed  overnight.  That wasn't the case.  So we kept plugging along & Wes gave me the idea to instead ask people how the hike was instead of asking them how close we were. That helped me turn my frown upside down! Everyone kept saying, it's tough, but worth it! Seems a lot of things in life go that way. Dangit.

So we continue to hike. & hike. & hike. & hike. & didn't stop until about 3.5 hrs into it when we breaked for lunch. Yum. We had made trailmix on our date the night before to bring on our hike! That was our saving grace to add to our sandwiches & apple slices for lunch (& dinner as it turns out).  Earmuffs for you weirdos that get grossed out by medical stuff.  We kept plugging along & then we ran into the obgyn I've been working with on all my uterus issues. So, funny. It's the same dr. we ran into at church when we lived at Branbury.  It is just an awkward moment seeing those kind of people outside of the normal situation...
Then he gave us some heads up of how much time left to the summit, terrain, etc. It was fun to chat.

Then again we plugged on. Up & up.  It seemed to go forever. But we were having so much fun chatting & Weston is such a He-Man and hiked 2.5 gallons of water & I'm pretty sure my teency CamelBack carries maybe 2.5 qts? ha So he refilled me every so often!  We made it up to the meadow & then we saw the looming peak. Good golly it was huge & it was getting harder for me to breathe bc of the elevation. Weston's body, being the machine it is, adjusted fine & he was not struggling for oxygen. Maybe it's my body being a little pathetic! So we took  it slower & we began to take the trails along the hilly meadows & then we made it over to the mountain wall & began those switchbacks. Goodness, they were getting steeper & steeper. I started realizing my little fear of heights was a little more than little.  Then we made it to the saddle. I just laid on my belly when we reached the rock. I did not want to move. I thought I was going to throw up. I'm not sure if that was from the elevation or the heights were freaking me out.  I started to cry telling Weston I couldn't take the creepy steep trail to the summit. He said he wouldn't be mad if I couldn't do it. But then I was bugged, I'd just hiked 10 miles. There was only half a mile to the summit. I was not hiking 20 miles to not do 1 mile of creepy steepness to reach the summit. So I decided to do it & I put my hands up like blinders on a horse & just started hiking. With a few melt-downs along the way we finally summited! It was such a good feeling! & a terrifying one. I hated being on top of that mountain the wind was blowing & I felt like any second it was going to just  change directions & knock me off the mountain. That is not my idea of a good time. So we took our celebratory pictures & I changed shirts into something warmer & we began our descent! Hallelujah!It was fun! We broke for dinner after crossing back over the meadows once we got back to the forested area! It was nummy & we're glad we didn't eat our whole lunch at lunch time or else we would have been doomed.  (We under estimated our hike aka didn't pack enough food.)

After dinner it was pretty dark so we popped our headlamps on & began trekking! The trail went for a ways & after hearing lots of wolves. Yes, wolves, not coyotes. Weston lit a stick on fire just so it was smoking bc he says it scares off animals. So that was our defense. Well, that & Weston's Buck knife.  & the occasional tree TRUNK Weston would pick up if he felt like there was an animal creepin on us.  At one point we were in the lower meadows & we heard galloping. We both stopped dead in our tracks & I stopped jibber jabbering. We looked over into the field & saw a hundred eyes. Not even kidding. & they all just started galloping away. It was deer. & it was so creepy. I was waiting for them to trample us bc they're dumb.  But they didn't & we survived to tell the tale. My mind went back to those wolves we'd heard earlier...It was perfect hunting grounds for them. We walked faster.

We finally made it off the Timpanooke trail & still had 3 miles to go. STRAIGHT uphill, too.  I just need to throw that out there, bc after 18 miles of hiking our final 3 miles were up-hill. It was the WORST part of the hike. It went forever & we weren't ever actually sure if we were on the right trail bc it branched off a couple times w/o any signs.... but we finally made it back to the car. The one thing that kept us plugging along was Jenna's birthday party. Seriously a couple times at the end I just wanted to curl up in a ball and be left for dead. But I could NOT miss Jenna's birthday party! It was from 10-11 We didn't make it back to the car till 10:30p.m. & we were still at least 30 minutes away from town, so we did miss her party, but we made it to her house late to at least show her our efforts! 
It was fun catching up w/ her for a minute! I love that Jenna friend of mine!

The night before after our 1 a.m. Walmart Trip.... Yuck, I have not done that in many a'moons.
 Starting out from the Summit Trail Trailhead 3mi to the Timpanooke T.H.
 Making our way up!
The fall colors were gorgeous!
 Essentially the trails we took!
 See, gorgeous colors!
 Still smiling!

 We made it to the first landing, we were so happy!
 It was really fun and a peaceful day out there!
 Catching a breather!
 Wondering if we're going to make it out of this hike alive...

 Seriously this was so fun...I'm pretty sure this is AFTER we ran into my female issues dr. on the mountain.
Awkward. Just kidding, he's not awkward; we are.

 On top of Timp! I could not even handle being up there!
I don't know if you can tell, but I am freaking out!
 He was so happy.
 Aw, tender.
 We had so much fun!

 Do I looked stressed?
 Saw another one of these buggers!
 On the saddle! That peak above my head not the one on the left, but in the center is where we climbed to. It's microscopic in this picture but there's a shack at the top, this is after we summited! I was freaking out the whole way there & the whole way back down to the saddle!  The wind was crazy!
 Just happy to be alive!
 Climbing back down from saddle.
 He's hawt.
 Feeling very accomplished!
 Dinner break!
This was our last picture taken but we were actually hiking till 10:30 that night!



Taboo with the Stolworthy's is no "game."

Have you ever played Taboo?

Think hard before playing next time.  You will get quite the reality check
 or at least a karate chop to the throat of your self esteem.

My mom & I were chatting about some hilarious things the other day 
when a very sore memory replayed in my mind.

It was Christmas, Aunt Julie & Unkie Ron's family was there & we were playing Taboo.

My mom said, "Rachel & Danielle both do this, but Danielle is really good at it!"

             "Makeup!"                              "HAIR!"          

            "Singing!"          "Drawing!"                    "COOKING!"


Shoot, really? Thanks, y'all.

It felt kinda like this...
Yeah the very attractive man in the center is me.

Although she meant well--she didn't want to just say "Danielle's really good at this!" if it's something I do, too--apparently there are all sorts of things Deej is better at than me.  
Nothing like family holidays to give you a nice wake up call of your lack of talents!

Anyways, my mom & I  were crying we were laughing so hard. I think that is Weston's favorite memory w/ my family; he reminds me of it all the time....



The Analogous Weston (Please read, he is so funny!)

Let me share with you an analogy Weston gave last night.

I'm really hoping this translates through. I could not breath I was laughing so hard.

He was being 100% serious & the conversation at hand was why we buy milk & not soy milk. Weston was trying to convince me that he needs soy milk because it's healthier. I do believe it's healthier, but coming from a boy that eats like a horse & would eat ice cream for every meal if we had it.  That being said, I do not believe it is cost efficient to have soy milk at the house. Weston goes through a gallon of milk in half a week & he's the only milk user we have.  

So, I think I still win with "We can't afford soy milk."

Here's his analogy he used in his argument:
(feel free to add a very persuasive tone and some dramatics, because that was his delivery, making me laugh even harder)

"Would you rather give me an ounce of rat poison or 5 gallons of milk?"

Uhhh...where's the question?

Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard & would pause, trying to interpret & then laugh some more.

We were both crying-laughing so hard. 
Finally, he was able to breathe long enough to explain.

Rat Poison = Milk
Milk = Soy Milk

Yeah, don't you love when the item being symbolized is actually in an analogy as the symbol for something else?

Lost? Yeah, me too.

Since when do rats have opposable thumbs? This picture is anatomically WRONG.


Both are evil apparently.

No really, watch Forks Over Knives & you will really believe it. 
However, then look at our budget & you won't care



Weston, EMT

Guess what??

Weston is now a member of the Salem City EMS!

I am so excited for him! 
He's so thrilled and nervous!

He will be such a great EMT!

This is one busy bee! He will be going to school, working & doing EMT.
Have I mentioned he has a 3.65 gpa so far this semester! It's only climbing up, too! He is doing so well!

I'm so proud of Wes & his successes!

Love that man of mine.




That is the theme of this week.

Just surviving! 
We're having fun in the evenings, but Weston's been in pain from his hernia/abdominal strain. Yeah, they're not sure which it is. So, guess what he gets to do? Lie low for a month & then if it improves it was a strain & if not, then looks like surgery! Poor guy he's been miserable for a while, we're hoping for improvement!

I've been a busy bee taking/editing Tasha & Devin's engagement pictures, creating & fixing & recreating invitations to her specifications & to my printing company's liking. & hand-making a veil. That's just at night. Work still happens during the day.  All while worrying my brains out about Weston, not about the hernia, just some other health stuff & then some other things going on in life, too!  This week & last week have just absolutely crawled by, but I've almost made it to the weekend. Almost.
This weekend will consist of veil making. & hand-beading. It is so time consuming, but it will be beautiful. However, bridal shots are on Monday...SO pretty much, it has to be done!  Wish me luck! & then back to another awesome work week!

Have I mentioned that my boss, that I love SO much, is leaving?  She's retiring. She's not that old, just has some health stuff that is exacerbated by her stressful job, so she's quitting! I'm so so bummed.

Another one of my favorite coworkers left this summer, too.  
The dynamics are just changing way too drastically for my liking!

Anyways, I'm just tired & wiped & exhausted. Emotionally & mentally!
BUT it has been a good week! Wes & I have enjoyed our evenings together, even though my brain is half there while I'm doing other things!
Joan is coming to stay with us this weekend, so that will be fun, hopefully I'm not too much of a dead-beat!
& we're going to the temple on Saturday night! I'm so so so excited!  I love going to the temple! Wes & I went once this summer together but other than that we haven't been to the temple together since April! It will be so nice!

Anyways, this is wordy & words are boring, so I'll stop.
Thanks for reading if your eyes haven't fallen onto your keyboard yet.



I'm tired & this week has been really really really crazy. I just want to sleep for like a year straight. I think that'd make me feel rested juuuuuust about right.

ALSO, Weston needs surgery. That will probably be next week sometime.
Have I mentioned I'm tired. I'm really tired.

Also, Weston was showing me the difference the other night between elk & Deer.
I thought you'd like to see.
That is an elk.

Also, do you see the air mattress blown up? & the movie cabinet open?
Yes, like I said, Weston needs surgery so this is what our evenings have looked like, after work, school, scouts & everything else. Anyways, he's probably damaging himself more by posing like this.
Anyways, he's been down & out. It's sad to see!
BUT Weston is seriously owning school this semester. 
He's so awesome.
Seriously, he got a 94 on his first math exam. I am so proud of him!

We're going on a date tonight to an institute devotional thing. I'm very excited. I've missed all those YSA devotional/firesides since I got married & this is one for married peeps, so that'll be fun & new.

Also, baby brother in Mexico is doing great. I love his letters. He makes my day every Monday!


2 Years of Awesome!

Weston rocks.

I love being married to him.

We seriously have so much fun.

Our pillow talks are hilarious. As long as he stays awake longer than 30 seconds after hitting the pillow.

But really, I love Weston.

These 2 years have been so wonderful with some crazy twists & turns!

Our life plans change daily.
I wish I was kidding.

Anyway, happy 2 year anniversary, babe, I love you!


 Favorite new thumbdrive.
It's 16gb. So happy.
 Redbox, I love you. & this movie.
Gosh it pulls the heartstrings! 
New fingernail do. Thanks Deej.
Sadly these pictures were taken on 3 separate nights. & I am in the same position in the same clothes.
Big boy's first day of school his Junior year! 
I'm so proud!
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