I'm tired & this week has been really really really crazy. I just want to sleep for like a year straight. I think that'd make me feel rested juuuuuust about right.

ALSO, Weston needs surgery. That will probably be next week sometime.
Have I mentioned I'm tired. I'm really tired.

Also, Weston was showing me the difference the other night between elk & Deer.
I thought you'd like to see.
That is an elk.

Also, do you see the air mattress blown up? & the movie cabinet open?
Yes, like I said, Weston needs surgery so this is what our evenings have looked like, after work, school, scouts & everything else. Anyways, he's probably damaging himself more by posing like this.
Anyways, he's been down & out. It's sad to see!
BUT Weston is seriously owning school this semester. 
He's so awesome.
Seriously, he got a 94 on his first math exam. I am so proud of him!

We're going on a date tonight to an institute devotional thing. I'm very excited. I've missed all those YSA devotional/firesides since I got married & this is one for married peeps, so that'll be fun & new.

Also, baby brother in Mexico is doing great. I love his letters. He makes my day every Monday!


  1. Oh no a broken Weston! Hope the surgery goes well and he reovers fast! (I thought you two had moved your bed to the living room and I thought--there's some smart people!)

  2. Great impression of an elk! I would have recognized that anywhere!


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