That is the theme of this week.

Just surviving! 
We're having fun in the evenings, but Weston's been in pain from his hernia/abdominal strain. Yeah, they're not sure which it is. So, guess what he gets to do? Lie low for a month & then if it improves it was a strain & if not, then looks like surgery! Poor guy he's been miserable for a while, we're hoping for improvement!

I've been a busy bee taking/editing Tasha & Devin's engagement pictures, creating & fixing & recreating invitations to her specifications & to my printing company's liking. & hand-making a veil. That's just at night. Work still happens during the day.  All while worrying my brains out about Weston, not about the hernia, just some other health stuff & then some other things going on in life, too!  This week & last week have just absolutely crawled by, but I've almost made it to the weekend. Almost.
This weekend will consist of veil making. & hand-beading. It is so time consuming, but it will be beautiful. However, bridal shots are on Monday...SO pretty much, it has to be done!  Wish me luck! & then back to another awesome work week!

Have I mentioned that my boss, that I love SO much, is leaving?  She's retiring. She's not that old, just has some health stuff that is exacerbated by her stressful job, so she's quitting! I'm so so bummed.

Another one of my favorite coworkers left this summer, too.  
The dynamics are just changing way too drastically for my liking!

Anyways, I'm just tired & wiped & exhausted. Emotionally & mentally!
BUT it has been a good week! Wes & I have enjoyed our evenings together, even though my brain is half there while I'm doing other things!
Joan is coming to stay with us this weekend, so that will be fun, hopefully I'm not too much of a dead-beat!
& we're going to the temple on Saturday night! I'm so so so excited!  I love going to the temple! Wes & I went once this summer together but other than that we haven't been to the temple together since April! It will be so nice!

Anyways, this is wordy & words are boring, so I'll stop.
Thanks for reading if your eyes haven't fallen onto your keyboard yet.

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  1. Dang girl, look at you go. You are so talented.
    I hope Weston doesn't have to have surgery, that be no bueno.

    I'll keep him in my prayers.

    p.s. it was fun running into you a while back at the health center. You are looking so good.


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