Taboo with the Stolworthy's is no "game."

Have you ever played Taboo?

Think hard before playing next time.  You will get quite the reality check
 or at least a karate chop to the throat of your self esteem.

My mom & I were chatting about some hilarious things the other day 
when a very sore memory replayed in my mind.

It was Christmas, Aunt Julie & Unkie Ron's family was there & we were playing Taboo.

My mom said, "Rachel & Danielle both do this, but Danielle is really good at it!"

             "Makeup!"                              "HAIR!"          

            "Singing!"          "Drawing!"                    "COOKING!"


Shoot, really? Thanks, y'all.

It felt kinda like this...
Yeah the very attractive man in the center is me.

Although she meant well--she didn't want to just say "Danielle's really good at this!" if it's something I do, too--apparently there are all sorts of things Deej is better at than me.  
Nothing like family holidays to give you a nice wake up call of your lack of talents!

Anyways, my mom & I  were crying we were laughing so hard. I think that is Weston's favorite memory w/ my family; he reminds me of it all the time....



  1. hahahahahahahahahaha. i'm crying. i like this story.

  2. I love this except I'm not sure if either of us were very good at studying... you might've thrown that one in yourself :)

  3. Do you feel like Jan Brady? "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" Wait, you probably never watched the Brady Bunch. Your MOM will know what I'm talking about! I'm sure your incredibly mean mom did not mean it like it came out, though.

  4. Oh my gosh...I LAUGHED SO SO HARD when we tripped down memory lane again this week on this! It is hilarious on ALL LEVELS! Glad you have some self esteem Rachel so you can laugh hard at it too! It sounds like something that would happen to me about Julie! You know her painting is so much better than mine now too! :) Hahahaha! Love you dear Rachel and Lynette-if you see this-YES I know all about poor Jan! always in the shadows...hahah!


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