So heads up, I won't be blogging for the next week and I haven't really blogged since I got home on Wednesday either! I apologize, but will be back at it again soon! Updates, Grandmother got a dog as well, Georgia, she's adorable. The puppies are good, so sweet. Home is so sweet. I missed the comfort of the humidity. I also missed the comfort and coziness of all the green trees. Weston said that before he went on his mission out here that everyone warned him he'd never know the direction and that the trees would make him claustrophobic. He said the directions part was true, but he misses the green. Once you go green there's no going back, NOTHING compares. I cannot wait till the fireflies are back. Half of the US seriously misses out BIG TIME without the fireflies!


In the words of Billy Joel....

and I'm movin' out! Clean up and check out baby! It was quite the chore, but I got her did and hopefully will be receiving my deposit in full return! We'll see! My extra job was the kitchen...yeah turns out it was the most time consuming and I never fully understood the extent of the messiness of some of my roomates! Syd and I had so much fun, we played music and drank Diet Dr. Peppers to stay alive. Some pictures from that fabulous all-nighter: So extatic about the treasures I encountered while cleanin out the cupboards Sushi-time! dr. pepper: it's a matter of survival. Mission Accomplished


The Stolworthy Fam...

...has a new addition, as of yesterday!
Ahhh, I can't wait to squeeze her tomorrow night!!!
I love baby things!
You know, real babies, puppies, kittens, anything that likes and needs to be held.


Welcome to the place where the weather is WHACK!

Well, ladies and gentleman, I did it again, I questioned the forecaster's forecast...yeah...INSANE. One downfall of our lovely VA2 apt is the whole basement part. I have no idea what the weather is like or what sort of precipitation to expect, until I climb out of the dungeon. 2 mornings ago it started raining. It kept raining until yesterday morning (yes, all through the night, it poured, we slept w/ the window open to listen). Yesterday morning, while I was at work, I watched the rain turn to snow before my eyes...it full out blizzarded on April 16th folks.... I made it home from work okay, but ventured back out in it later, when I returned there was water INSIDE of my boots up to my ankles and snow/iceballs packed up both pant legs, don't ask me how that one worked out. It was interesting to say the least. It then started clearing up a little, yet it was still slushy outside last night. Then, Ty, Dani, Ryan, Shay and I all went to Los Hermanos and it started snowing again. Then I came out this morning and was greeted by this lovely sight. It actually was VERY beautiful! Everything was SO white! Oh man. But seriously, I'll have no problem bidding my goodbyes with Utah.


B-Money: Provo's Finest

Last week I was riding on the 830. While waiting at the bus stop at the Wilk this fellow was looking over at me, I gave a polite half smile then looked down at my feet not wanting to talk. When the bus arrived I boarded it and went to the back of the bus. The gentleman followed, the bus also filled up with other people. He was sitting across the aisle from me and flagged me down so I took out the comfort of my headphones as he continues to ask me the time. I told him I didn't have the time...knowing exactly what he wanted, which was everything BUT the time. He moves to the seat behind me and continues to introduce himself and ask my name. He is from Seattle. His stage name is B-Money. Apparently Brian didn't do his career justice. He told me he's riding the bus to the UVU stop. He continued to tell me about his life while asking about mine. He said he raps for a living and will soon be attending UVU (that's debatable). He told me he was on his way to pick up shirts that he produces from his provider. He pulled back his flannel button up to give me a little sneak peak of his red "don't hate" shirt. I asked him what kind of shirts he makes, curious if there was a variety. He informed me they're all the same. Fabulous. This was seriously the most entertaining bus ride of my LIFE. He goes on to tell me that he has over, I can't remember, either 200,000 or 500,000 hits on youtube.com, he's a pretty big deal. He then asks me if I would like to listen to some of his work. I was like, "your rap?" "yeah." "uhhh..." "I have it right here with me." He pulled it out of his pocket and unfolded the paper. He started wrapping about honeybees and some other stuff, love with a girl or something like that. He said he wrote it that day. The lyrics were actually pretty impressive...can't say the same for the delivery though.
My bus stop approached I bid my goodbyes to b-money, he offered to give me a number so I can call him for a free t-shirt and dvd, I declined politely, and told him I'd look him up on Youtube first and then contact him if I liked his stuff. SO GREAT. I finally looked B-Money up today...it was everything I imagined and then some.





2 kool 4 skool

So, during a
"what am I doing with my life?"
freak-out session last semester, my dad reminded me that school is supposed to be something I want to do. He told me to ease up and take a fun class once every semester so that school is fun and not just another 'job'. So, I took his advice, and have my fun classes picked out for my next 3 semesters!
-Fall 2009 I'm going to take Intro to Guitar
-Winter 2010 (whoa 2010 is already around the corner...weird) I'm going to take intro to clothing construction, basically I learn how to sew/make clothes w/ a sewing machine, to say I'm excited is an understatement
-Fall 2010 Intro to cooking: I currently am not a fan of cooking, buuuut w/ my plan of takin care of a fam for when I'm older, I figure, it's kind of a necessity! So, I'm going to take this class!
I'm excited!
Thanks pa!


Hasta La Pasta!

We were able to meet up w/ Elder Ryan Flake.
It was weird seeing a friend from home on his mission...
kinda like seeing a fish out of water
or a mermaid in the desert.


General Conference

Just thought I'd give General Conference a shout out! I watched the first session this morning. After watching it this morning I thought, 'Man how could I have missed that.' I feel like every ounce of it (with the exception of one here and there) speaks RIGHT to me. Seriously, I learn so much every time! I have been blessed to go to school out here in Utah where General conference is on TV, or even live! I can just sit in my p.j.'s and watch it on basic cable. It's fabulous! Jenna, Brock, Diana and I are going to this afternoon's session up in Salt Lake so we can go say hello to Elder Ryan Flake, from home, who is on his mission in SLC. You can listen online @: www.lds.org To find out more of the LDS church's beliefs check out: www.mormon.org



So, this morning I was booking it to work, because once again I missed the bus.... It has been an extremely off week. I have caught the bus only once in the past week, seriously, it's almost becoming a joke. I haven't had any problems with it this semester! Anyway, so I was speed walking trying not to be dripping sweat by the time I got to work, since it's about a mile and a half UPHILL. This morning I saw a new means of transportation of getting to school. I saw a guy in business clothes rollerblading down the street with his shoes in his hand.
Every day I walk home from work, so either on my way to or from work I see quite a few people going either direction. Seeing all these people, I've witnessed an impressive variety of transportation means. Most people use the good ol' fashioned pair of legs to get to school. The car is always a very popular choice as well. I've also seen skateboards, longboards, bikes, Vispas, skooters, motor cycles, but never before have I seen rollerblades!
Oh the things you can ride to the places go!
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