So heads up, I won't be blogging for the next week and I haven't really blogged since I got home on Wednesday either! I apologize, but will be back at it again soon! Updates, Grandmother got a dog as well, Georgia, she's adorable. The puppies are good, so sweet. Home is so sweet. I missed the comfort of the humidity. I also missed the comfort and coziness of all the green trees. Weston said that before he went on his mission out here that everyone warned him he'd never know the direction and that the trees would make him claustrophobic. He said the directions part was true, but he misses the green. Once you go green there's no going back, NOTHING compares. I cannot wait till the fireflies are back. Half of the US seriously misses out BIG TIME without the fireflies!


  1. why won't you be blogging for another week? Where are you off to now? i miss TN.

  2. sorry, look @ the post date, i came back last night and that post was just saved, i didn't realize i hadn't posted it! too bad

  3. Fireflies?!

    I AM missing out!
    I want TN.
    Texas has chiggers........ahi.

    Love and missing from me to you.

  4. sorry anna banana,don't worry though, tn def has chiggers, it has alllllll the bad wrapped up in alllllll the fabulous!


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