2 kool 4 skool

So, during a
"what am I doing with my life?"
freak-out session last semester, my dad reminded me that school is supposed to be something I want to do. He told me to ease up and take a fun class once every semester so that school is fun and not just another 'job'. So, I took his advice, and have my fun classes picked out for my next 3 semesters!
-Fall 2009 I'm going to take Intro to Guitar
-Winter 2010 (whoa 2010 is already around the corner...weird) I'm going to take intro to clothing construction, basically I learn how to sew/make clothes w/ a sewing machine, to say I'm excited is an understatement
-Fall 2010 Intro to cooking: I currently am not a fan of cooking, buuuut w/ my plan of takin care of a fam for when I'm older, I figure, it's kind of a necessity! So, I'm going to take this class!
I'm excited!
Thanks pa!


  1. what the....take cooking with me fall 09 homie.

  2. What a great dad you must have! I totally love his advice! :)

  3. Yup! I concur! On my list of "fun" classes during my undergrad were 1) country swing, 2) anatomy (?!?!?!?), 3) country swing, 4) weight lifting, 5) sign language... Good times!!


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