Welcome to the place where the weather is WHACK!

Well, ladies and gentleman, I did it again, I questioned the forecaster's forecast...yeah...INSANE. One downfall of our lovely VA2 apt is the whole basement part. I have no idea what the weather is like or what sort of precipitation to expect, until I climb out of the dungeon. 2 mornings ago it started raining. It kept raining until yesterday morning (yes, all through the night, it poured, we slept w/ the window open to listen). Yesterday morning, while I was at work, I watched the rain turn to snow before my eyes...it full out blizzarded on April 16th folks.... I made it home from work okay, but ventured back out in it later, when I returned there was water INSIDE of my boots up to my ankles and snow/iceballs packed up both pant legs, don't ask me how that one worked out. It was interesting to say the least. It then started clearing up a little, yet it was still slushy outside last night. Then, Ty, Dani, Ryan, Shay and I all went to Los Hermanos and it started snowing again. Then I came out this morning and was greeted by this lovely sight. It actually was VERY beautiful! Everything was SO white! Oh man. But seriously, I'll have no problem bidding my goodbyes with Utah.


  1. Katie and I went to the UF spring game yesterday and we were wearing...wait, no, that sounds like gloating. OK, the sun was...no, that sounds like gloating, too. We made certain to find seats that were in the shade of the press box because it was so...dang! Did I mention there were 51,000 people there?

  2. Rachel...soo sorry about your crazy weather...you need weather.com...my fav way to check things out here because unlike Utah, it can LOOK like 70 deg out (like it was the day before) but it's really 40...also very whacky!
    btw, david's comment is flat-out hysterical! Maybe we can tell him in person next week!!!

  3. yeah, look @ uncle david all braggin on his awesome Florida weather...one week away!!

    and yeah weather.com is awesome, it's my home page on my computer!

  4. Rachel, I totally understand. It has been sooo pretty here,50's, and then I looked at the weather report...SNOW on thursday. Last year I got snowed on in June, JUNE! I hate the white stuff. Oh and I have lived in a basement suite, I hate not knowing the weather until it is too late.

  5. ha ha Yes, I have a blog- and now we are blog buddies!


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