Home Sweet Home!

I finally get to spill! Dani and I got to come home for Thanksgiving! It's been so great! I've gotten to see Ty and surprise the whole fam. I met our new puppy, Boo, she's so adorable. MMM it's so great to be back in TN! Me covering chase's eyes to try to throw him off, but it didn't hinder his piano skills! Mom dancing around while Chase played the piano :D Dani and me in our Footies The Fab four in Footies Boo flies sometimes. Grams cooing Boo



Here's my To-Do list (I know, you're impressed :D): Sunday Night: -Finish studying Monday: -Plasma -work -class -class -stats test -class -fhe -study hum201 Tuesday: -class -class -class -class -football game -humanities test Wednesday: -work -class -class -soccer game -(possibly pdbio test) Thursday: -work -class -(pdbio test if haven't taken) -class -football -soccer Friday -work -PAAAAAARTY!


Woah, I know,

2 blogs in 2 days, that's a record, right? Well I thought I'd just tell you my "earn money to pay December and January's rents" plan. Well, last night I went grocery shopping with Diana and her roomates. It was quite a thrill. We got the supplies to make t-shirts for flag football. I had written Jason to ask permission to use his name and football # on my flag football shirt. He said he'd be honored. :D I miss him so much, okay, that's beside the point. So we decorated the t-shirts last night! Oh yeah, the reason I told that part; I went back to the riv with them after to make our shirts. I ran to Jenna's apartment while they were unloading their groceries. It was fun. I love being at her apartment. Anyway, I was tellin her how need to earn money and I said,"I want to give plasma". She said,"I want to too!". So we decided to go together. Brock wanted to go too. So we set a plasma date for Saturday! It takes about 3 hours the first time because of the physical before hand. Then they give you $30 cash right as you're leaving. You can go 2x in 7 days, but just not 2 days in a row. So I figure I could go on Wednesdays and either Fridays or Saturdays. The second time you go in a week I think they give you $35 or something like that. So I'm really excited. Also, Emily informed me that Aspen Grove is looking for people to work the first 2 weeks of December. They need help with dinners, because a lot of BYU wards are having ward parties up there. Despite my huge fear of large masses of snow I think I will probably do that. I need to earn enough money before I go home for January's rent and Chase's Christmas present. I want to get him a good gift for Christmas. We'll see if I can be creative enough to get a 12 yr old something really fun. I know he'll be happy no matter what it is, but still, I want to do something nice! Any ideas? p.s. most hilarious story of the day... Brock went to give plasma for the first time on Saturday and he said that the guy doing the physical was his same age. You know the part where they push on your stomach? Well apparently Brock is really ticklish. hahah He said he tried to hold it in, but that he tried so hard but he just started 'giggling' not laughing but 'giggling hahaha. YIKES! He said the guy did not even crack a smile, he tried to cover it up with a"Sorry, this always happens" sort of thing. The physical guy did not think it was funny. Hahahaha I just about died at that. Probably the worlds most awkward story! xoxo



ORDER IN THE COURT! So this is something people hear when they go to court and everything gets a little unruly. I've only seen it on tv, except for that one time in traffic court... This is something I've started applying and saying to myself. Order! Order in your life! It's something I don't treat myself with much. I have been working out regularly the past couple weeks, I have been doing better at getting rest, staying on top of my classes and looking @ my future plans. Working out has been SO good, and so have all the sports! I haven't made it to Thursday night futball in a couple of weeks, but I'm going thursday. Intramurals are going strong w/ tournament stuff. First round of tournaments started last week. We won soccer 10-0 and we won football 6TD-0. This week we have 2 football games. Tuesday night we played my roomate Tara's team....they won fair and square, they played a lot better than us, score was 14-0. Lucky for us we were #1 in our division and we get double elimination! So we play again tomorrow @ 7:15! Root for us! I have 3 midterms next week as well! Wooowee, its relentless, I swear! The midterms are for humanities, stats, and physiology. My nails are growing long too! They look fabulous! :D a couple have broken recently (I've been blessed w/ the brittle Stolworthy nails!) Speaking of Stolworthy, we're having another cousin dinner coming up in a couple of weeks! I'm so excited! We're going to be doing it @ Stephanie's in Sandy, I'm pretty sure! So fun! So I had some bank problems again, so I went and worked those out today! I talked to my work about my hours. I'm needing more, because I'm seriously working to live. More literally than ever. I live paycheck to paycheck. Aspen Grove's pay isn't lasting me long. I'm going to have to get a second job next semester, bc the CSCCa can't provide me w/ enough hours. It's kind of tricky though, because they've put me in a bind w/ hours, they gave me a really crazy schedule next semester. They want me to go from 8-10 mwf and then 1-4 tth. They only have me working the 8-10 because Lindsy can't make it out of bed...it's kind of ridiculous actually. I'm like, oh, so I just come and work until it's pleasant for her to roll out of bed. It's kind of nutty. Since campus jobs are either 8-12 or 1-5 I won't be able to do that 8-10 schedule. I found an opening to a position @ the advisement center. I'm really excited! I'm going to take another OST test friday or something and apply there. Then I'll tell the CSCCa that I can't work the mwf monday shifts. I'm glad though because I'll still be able to go to Nashville and help them at the conference. I really love my job a lot though! We'll see if next year works out w/ them, but if I get a campus 20hr/week job then I won't be able to do both next year as well. We'll see, we'll see, we'll see! I feel like that's my motto...hmm k well love you all fam and friends! Keep it classy and buckle up! xoxo


So since I last blogged...

...we have gotten a new CRAZY president. Lucky us... One thing for sure, he's a great campaigner and it is cool that we have our first black president!
...my teams won our first round tournament Flag Football and Soccer games! ...Jenna's brother-in-law hooked me up w/ a sweet ipod (mine got stolen a few weeks ago at thursday night futbol) that he rebuilt! I'm so excited! ...my bike broke, Robbie fixed it, and it broke again yesterday. ...it snowed once. ...roomate trip to Jessica's in Murray.


I'll Be Home For Christmas

Oh dear....I am missin home this morning. We've started listening to Christmas songs since it's become cold this weekend. I'm listening to Aaron Neville and we have some candle's burning. It's pretty awesome... It makes me miss home really bad though. I'm pretty sure I was raised on Aaron Neville. (Not to mention the fondest memories of home are from those afternoon/evenings when the house was all in order and everyone was home and laying low, just enjoying eachother's company and Momma always had candles lit in the Kitchen). Whenever I listen to Aaron Neville it makes me think of the fam. Especially Spence! When he was a toddler he'd make this clicking noise with his mouth that meant he wanted to listen to Aaron Neville! hahahah. It's been 6 months since I've been home already. I haven't decided what I'm doing for Thanksgiving yet. Kristin is going to Boise with her roomates I think. I don't know what Dani's up to, but I'm not sure. I'm going to talk to my work today and see if the other secretaries are taking a lot of time off or something. It'd be a good way to get a lot of work hours in (rent is due right now) I could get some good study time in and just hang out here... except NO one stays in provo...seriously, last year the dorms were a ghost town. I've kind of gotten to the point that I don't want to waste time wishing I was home for Thanksgiving but want so badly for it to be Christmas already....I think that's why I've been all for listening to Christmas music already....woah okay now that my brain has blown up all over those blog post I'm going to split, gotta get ready for class xoxo


Sweet Thangs

"In the regular world, Halloween is when children dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it."
-Cady Harin, Mean Girls And then there was Syd and me. We definitely broke that stigma. We hit a few halloween parties and covered basically all of Provo. Everywhere we went there were echos of "Thing 1.... Thing 2...." Highlight (#1) of the night: we were standing outside one of the dance party's and it was SO crowded and a guy used us as a landmark. I am not even kidding. He was on the phone and I heard him say "Yeah, I'm over here by Thing 1 and Thing 2." Ha! I go, syd that kid just used us as a landmark, it was hilarious. So even out here in probably the most conservative place you'll ever go there were some costumes that made my jaw drop. From girls and guys alike. A few too many Michael Phelps'! We got home around 2 from our adventures and decided to have our first Macbook photo sesh of the year. It turned into a music vid sesh. Yeah, it's as good a it sounds. We went out in our stairwell outside our apartment and put Syd's Macbook on a stool and went at it, it's so hilarious. Atleast we think so. Here's the web address for the youtube link to it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxRij2OmhI4 Here's some pictures of our Halloween hotness: "Oh look, it's sweet thang 1 and saweet thang 2!" Laura and Lauren are SO emo Story: Ziggy and Andrew are from Kenya and pretty much the coolest kids EVER! They were so obsessed with us, seriously, they thought it was so funny. I said to Syd, "It's so funny, because the Kenyans know about the Dr. Seuss books, when a couple whitey's here haven't even "known what we are." "Nah, I think they just think it's hilarious that we're things." "Yeah, you're right." Ziggy was laughing so hard, "Ha, I want a picture with the things! There are two things!" Me, Whitters and Syd Syd and I shopping for some supplies Me, Dani and Syd cheerin on Jordan at his game. There was this really tough guy that threatened to hit me, I think he was jealous of my costume. You think I'm kidding but he was really mad. @ the Riv Some more Riv hopping Props to deej for this one Emily, Lindsey, Rachel, Cheetah girl, Katie, Brooke, Syd and Me Happy Halloween! xoxo
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