ORDER IN THE COURT! So this is something people hear when they go to court and everything gets a little unruly. I've only seen it on tv, except for that one time in traffic court... This is something I've started applying and saying to myself. Order! Order in your life! It's something I don't treat myself with much. I have been working out regularly the past couple weeks, I have been doing better at getting rest, staying on top of my classes and looking @ my future plans. Working out has been SO good, and so have all the sports! I haven't made it to Thursday night futball in a couple of weeks, but I'm going thursday. Intramurals are going strong w/ tournament stuff. First round of tournaments started last week. We won soccer 10-0 and we won football 6TD-0. This week we have 2 football games. Tuesday night we played my roomate Tara's team....they won fair and square, they played a lot better than us, score was 14-0. Lucky for us we were #1 in our division and we get double elimination! So we play again tomorrow @ 7:15! Root for us! I have 3 midterms next week as well! Wooowee, its relentless, I swear! The midterms are for humanities, stats, and physiology. My nails are growing long too! They look fabulous! :D a couple have broken recently (I've been blessed w/ the brittle Stolworthy nails!) Speaking of Stolworthy, we're having another cousin dinner coming up in a couple of weeks! I'm so excited! We're going to be doing it @ Stephanie's in Sandy, I'm pretty sure! So fun! So I had some bank problems again, so I went and worked those out today! I talked to my work about my hours. I'm needing more, because I'm seriously working to live. More literally than ever. I live paycheck to paycheck. Aspen Grove's pay isn't lasting me long. I'm going to have to get a second job next semester, bc the CSCCa can't provide me w/ enough hours. It's kind of tricky though, because they've put me in a bind w/ hours, they gave me a really crazy schedule next semester. They want me to go from 8-10 mwf and then 1-4 tth. They only have me working the 8-10 because Lindsy can't make it out of bed...it's kind of ridiculous actually. I'm like, oh, so I just come and work until it's pleasant for her to roll out of bed. It's kind of nutty. Since campus jobs are either 8-12 or 1-5 I won't be able to do that 8-10 schedule. I found an opening to a position @ the advisement center. I'm really excited! I'm going to take another OST test friday or something and apply there. Then I'll tell the CSCCa that I can't work the mwf monday shifts. I'm glad though because I'll still be able to go to Nashville and help them at the conference. I really love my job a lot though! We'll see if next year works out w/ them, but if I get a campus 20hr/week job then I won't be able to do both next year as well. We'll see, we'll see, we'll see! I feel like that's my motto...hmm k well love you all fam and friends! Keep it classy and buckle up! xoxo

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  1. good for you! you're so great!
    get the hair, nails & skin pills from Sunflower Market! (or look for something with over 400% Biotine in it...) They've been working miracles & have made my nails stronger than ever!!! seriously. LOVE YOU!


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