Home Sweet Home!

I finally get to spill! Dani and I got to come home for Thanksgiving! It's been so great! I've gotten to see Ty and surprise the whole fam. I met our new puppy, Boo, she's so adorable. MMM it's so great to be back in TN! Me covering chase's eyes to try to throw him off, but it didn't hinder his piano skills! Mom dancing around while Chase played the piano :D Dani and me in our Footies The Fab four in Footies Boo flies sometimes. Grams cooing Boo

1 comment:

  1. ahhh so funny! my favorite is mom's dancing... just to let everyone know, this is not a one time thing. We've seen similar performances 9753089 times, but this is the first one on tape. Boo's jumping picture is so cute!


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