Woah, I know,

2 blogs in 2 days, that's a record, right? Well I thought I'd just tell you my "earn money to pay December and January's rents" plan. Well, last night I went grocery shopping with Diana and her roomates. It was quite a thrill. We got the supplies to make t-shirts for flag football. I had written Jason to ask permission to use his name and football # on my flag football shirt. He said he'd be honored. :D I miss him so much, okay, that's beside the point. So we decorated the t-shirts last night! Oh yeah, the reason I told that part; I went back to the riv with them after to make our shirts. I ran to Jenna's apartment while they were unloading their groceries. It was fun. I love being at her apartment. Anyway, I was tellin her how need to earn money and I said,"I want to give plasma". She said,"I want to too!". So we decided to go together. Brock wanted to go too. So we set a plasma date for Saturday! It takes about 3 hours the first time because of the physical before hand. Then they give you $30 cash right as you're leaving. You can go 2x in 7 days, but just not 2 days in a row. So I figure I could go on Wednesdays and either Fridays or Saturdays. The second time you go in a week I think they give you $35 or something like that. So I'm really excited. Also, Emily informed me that Aspen Grove is looking for people to work the first 2 weeks of December. They need help with dinners, because a lot of BYU wards are having ward parties up there. Despite my huge fear of large masses of snow I think I will probably do that. I need to earn enough money before I go home for January's rent and Chase's Christmas present. I want to get him a good gift for Christmas. We'll see if I can be creative enough to get a 12 yr old something really fun. I know he'll be happy no matter what it is, but still, I want to do something nice! Any ideas? p.s. most hilarious story of the day... Brock went to give plasma for the first time on Saturday and he said that the guy doing the physical was his same age. You know the part where they push on your stomach? Well apparently Brock is really ticklish. hahah He said he tried to hold it in, but that he tried so hard but he just started 'giggling' not laughing but 'giggling hahaha. YIKES! He said the guy did not even crack a smile, he tried to cover it up with a"Sorry, this always happens" sort of thing. The physical guy did not think it was funny. Hahahaha I just about died at that. Probably the worlds most awkward story! xoxo


  1. So, how was the great experience of giving plasma? Have fun? Yeah, those needles are BIG! Hope it went well!

    And if you're scared to drive up here for the winter, call me. I'll drive you up the canyon if you need a ride!


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