I'll Be Home For Christmas

Oh dear....I am missin home this morning. We've started listening to Christmas songs since it's become cold this weekend. I'm listening to Aaron Neville and we have some candle's burning. It's pretty awesome... It makes me miss home really bad though. I'm pretty sure I was raised on Aaron Neville. (Not to mention the fondest memories of home are from those afternoon/evenings when the house was all in order and everyone was home and laying low, just enjoying eachother's company and Momma always had candles lit in the Kitchen). Whenever I listen to Aaron Neville it makes me think of the fam. Especially Spence! When he was a toddler he'd make this clicking noise with his mouth that meant he wanted to listen to Aaron Neville! hahahah. It's been 6 months since I've been home already. I haven't decided what I'm doing for Thanksgiving yet. Kristin is going to Boise with her roomates I think. I don't know what Dani's up to, but I'm not sure. I'm going to talk to my work today and see if the other secretaries are taking a lot of time off or something. It'd be a good way to get a lot of work hours in (rent is due right now) I could get some good study time in and just hang out here... except NO one stays in provo...seriously, last year the dorms were a ghost town. I've kind of gotten to the point that I don't want to waste time wishing I was home for Thanksgiving but want so badly for it to be Christmas already....I think that's why I've been all for listening to Christmas music already....woah okay now that my brain has blown up all over those blog post I'm going to split, gotta get ready for class xoxo

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  1. oh man i miss home too! Christmas this year will FINALLY feel normal and i'm so happy for that! That's so funny that you wrote about Spence & the clicking, that's exactly what I thought of :)


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