I'm movin up in the world!

days & I will be at the beginning of the role!
That's right. My senior year of classes I will be at the beginning of tests passed back out. I will be at the front of the line for everything! When I was little I always thought it was so unfair to do things in alphabetical order, because I was always at the end.
I should own this mug.
I am so proud of myself. I may be slammed in school, but the past couple nights I have either been at the library or at my apartment, yesterday I worked on my big projects from 7-11....this is unheard of for me! I was sooo proud of my concentration! Of course, I checked facebook every once in a while. BUT, I found all my quotes for one of my projects...which was quite the chore...it took forever! I also found all my articles for aging! & I finished & sent in the Wedding Guest Book to the printer...the guest book is going to be SO cute, folks. Get excited.


This how I feel right now.
p.s. On a happier note, I did my 15 minute presentation today. I was the only one my professor didn't grill with questions during or after the presentation. Which means I did really good, because I didn't leave out any information he wanted covered. It made me happy.
But who's counting?



I have the most exciting news ever! Weston won't be shipping until February 8 now! ahhh yaaay! SO now we have 5 months together before he ships instead of 2 1/2 weeks! I cannot wait! So our next year looks like this:
Wedding September 3
He ships to basic February 8
Apprx. 2 months later I move to Great Lakes, Illinois to join him at his "A" school to be a hospital corpsman in the Navy with the Marines (not so excited about that part)
We live in Great Lakes for 6 Mos.
Then he is off to Southern California for Marine Basic training...yeah...more time of no talking & solely letter writing. I have no idea where I'll live during this portion.
After he's done there, we will make our way to Rexburg, Idaho where he will finish his undergrad. The plan is then to get him to law school!
So this is all awesome & exciting news!
He is going to be a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy, but will be deployed with the Marines. This is pretty scary. He is so excited, which makes me so excited for him! Also good things is we will be able to spend our first married Thanksgiving & Christmas TOGETHER. This might not have been the case before. We will miss our first Valentine's together, but I've never had a Valentine I've ever cared about anyway, & I'll still have mine, he'll just be a couple thousand miles away, right?
Dear United States Navy,
Thank you for responding and working diligently (after my father-in-law got on your case) to find Weston a job he is interested in and that will help him in our future.

The woes of no tv.

I'm not a huge boob-tube watcher, but I am now very sad I do not have a TV at my apartment.
August 1 is the first day of shark week. This is my favorite tv time EVER. I love documentaries, yes, pull out the pocket-protectors now. Too bad Danielle won't be in town, so I can't go watch it at her apartment... I'm going to have to find a quick fix to this. Maybe we can put it on in the lobby at work. Or maybe I'll find a TV in the wilk that plays it. I'll bring my homework and popcorn & watch the creepiest animals in action!

A Prayer for Obama



I live on the edge...of deadlines!

I texted this picture to my mom during class.
(that is my cute wedding book my mom made me and my Chronic Disease handout)
Along with something along the lines of, "We know what is obviously taking precedence."
Class got out at 6:30 and I saw a girl walking a paper up to my professor. I thought, 'weird!' I then continued out of the room...then it dawned on me...didn't we have an assignment for a paper this semester....no....yes?...uhh..classes end next week...it would be due...now. . .
I drop my back pack and rip my syllabus out....uhm, sure enough, a 7-8 pg paper was due today. What the heck is wrong with me? How has this been the 3rd slip up of this short term? AH. So, I walk back in the room to ask if she'll accept late papers. She was talking to other students. I waited and waited. I then got my turn and said, "...uhh....so I just saw in the syllabus you accept late papers for a 10% grade reduction...how late is late?" "midnight tonight." "okay! So, I have seriously lost my head this semester, I'm engag..." "oh, no, you brain is useless. Anyone engaged's brain is always useless. I won't ever hire someone who is engaged or close to being engaged, because until they're married their brain is totally useless." She asked when my wedding was, I told her, and she said I was the extreme useless right now hahah, we laughed about it & I said, well I'm have a date with the library to crank out a 7 page paper, I'll e-mail it to you before midnight!
Holy cow folks, I did well on that midterm I forgot about & now I finished a 7 page paper in 2 hours folks... and it is a good one, if you ask me! I'm pretty proud.

38 Days

Til I am married & sealed forever to the love of my life, Weston James Brinkerhoff.
He just makes me so happy.
I can trust him with my life.
He has never complained a single day that I have known him about going to work. This is awesome.
He is a hard worker.
He is friends with everyone he meets.
He is slow to open up emotionally to people.
I cannot wait to marry him! The wedding planning is coming along great!
Life is busy & so so so happy.
I am so happy to have him back in the same state as me. I've missed his presence.
A 2 hour drive is a lot better than a 4.5 hr drive to see him!
I love him!


My life is Whoa.

I had just the most amazing weekend.
Last Wednesday I headed up to Rexburg with Wes' parents & aunt & cousin to get that cute boy fiance of mine & because Dave had an air show for the Navy.
It was a fun weekend, I slept a lot, there were a few late nights, but I also slept in the latest I have FOREVER! We went to Rigby lake, we moved him out, we went to the park, we walked around BYUI campus & Wes showed me all his buildings. I helped a LITTLE on the wedding favors with Joan, but mostly her, Lisa, & GaeLyn did them! Thank you so much, & sorry I'm so obsessed with Weston! They turned out darling.
Saturday night my Great-Grandmother Josie Belle Folsom DeLoach passed away. It's exactly 14 years after her awesome husband. She is the sweetest most loving person. She was witty even till the end in her sicker days. She is so beautiful. She had the softest hands. She always wore her apron. She was always so kind to everyone. She loved being a homemaker & was the best hostess. She knit & played the piano always. She had a green thumb & always had a rose plant out front. She was left handed, like my mom & fiance. She raised 8 children, I may be biased, but she had a direct impact on my life via her example, the platform she set for my grandmother, who set another outstanding one for my mom, who then raised me to be the fabulous person I am. Ha, just kidding, but it is a serious line of awesome women. I love her. She is so awesome. She will be missed, but I know that the celebration & reunion on the other side was a sweet one.
I wish I could be with the family & in Florida with everyone to celebrate her life at her funeral!
Dang Utah, this is a major con, you're too far away from my family.
(thanks Mom for the picture!)
Wes & I decided to leave at 3:30 a.m. to come to Provo instead of last night...wow...I'm still not sure which would've been less worse. He's the best. Poor guy drove the whole way, until the 10 minute segment I drove before I started freaking out that the Jeep is way to freaky to drive on the interstate. He is so cute & isn't repulsed by my lovely fly catching sleep face & even pulls me onto his shoulder & rubs my shoulders while he drives & I catch z's. He got me back to work in the knick of time & it was a fun drive, the parts I was awake for atleast! My roadtripping resume is the worst...as in...no one would ever recommend me as a roadtrip partner after going on one with me, because I sleep. a lot. It was a fabulous weekend full of mixed emotions & now I'm at work on no sleep & we started a new programming system that has LOTS of gliches.... luckily, all the patients have been just that...patient.
Have a fabulous Monday, back to reality & school :)

Sid the Sloth

This guy just walked into the health center.
Not even kidding.
He had the same shaped head, the same ears (where his eyes are).
The same voice.
The same mouth & teeth.
I am not kidding, this is a twin.
I almost started laughing, not at the patient, but the similarity. xoxoilovemys(i/y)ds


The wedding reception!

Last night was so fun!
Me & Syd at the reception!
The beautiful mother-of-the-bride!
Maddie & Mitch! Me & Ty my smile was ridiculously enormous all night. I was kinda, sorta, extremely happy! Ty, Dani, Jenna, Josh, Me & Wes waitin for them to come out to leave for their honeymoon! Don't worry, we filled the whole car with balloons & decorated it all nice!
Syd & I!


Holy Moly, life is so craaazy busy right now. No complaints here though because I LOVE being busy. Today after work, travel to Idaho with the in-laws, move that cute fiance of mine home. Next week, school, work, school, work, school.... the next week school, work, school, work, school, then finals & move out of my apartment & into Keith & Keri's & go to parts of Weston's family reunion. Aug. 13, fly home, mom makes wedding dress, I help crank out last minute wedding stuff. Friday drive to Texas, Aug 21, Kristin's wedding. Aug. 22 fly back to Utah. There are then less than 2 weeks till the wedding. The week before my wedding is the first week of school. Also during that week, I need to go do last minute hygeine stuff. waxing, hair, etc... I still need to set up appts for all that...it's going to be expensive..& I'm broke, I better find some other jobs to fill in the cracks!! Sep. 2, go through the temple. Sept. 3 9am wedding, 5pm family dinner, 7pm reception, 9pm...party!
It is insane that the wedding is 44 days away. 6 weeks... Where did the time go?
Sydney's wedding yesterday was incredible, the reception was SO fun & of course everything just looked PERFECT, but obviously, because it's Syd we're talking about!
But it was so not healthy for me... it made me want to get married tomorrow! :)
My life is so wonderful & packed with goodness right now!
I love my fiance & he loves me!
It doesn't get any better than this!


Please note that every girl in this photo is getting married in the next few months. Syd got married today, Me in September, Kieli in October & Em sometime this fall? I'm not sure, she just got engaged, CONGRATS EM!!!! xoxooldladies


So, my best friend from High school, & my best friend from college are hitchin' their wagons together! How awesome is that? This mornin Sydney & Mitch GOT married! CRAZY!! I am soo happy for them! They are so happy! It was so fun, we took pictures forever today after their sealing ceremony, just a headsup, don't do a wedding at noon in mid-July, you will die of heat exposure! But despite the heat & Syd's ever so awesomely huge dress, she still looked stunning & smiled with pure joy!
I have felt bad & it totally snuck up on me, because I've been so slammed with work & school, & a fiance of my own, but holy cow Mitch & Syd have never beamed as much as they did this morning!
Last week we had a bachelorette party! It was fun :)
Ty, Wes & Josh waiting patiently outside the doors they were comin through!
Ty, Wes, Josh, Jenna, Me & Kenz!
Yes Ty is wearing a purple tie & has a pink cast. He's always trying to steal the attention.
It was so fun getting together with all the high school friends again!
She's a Sherwood now!!
Now I'm leavin class early & heading back up north to Sandy for the reception, which is obviously going to be SO fun!!! xoxomybestfriends'wedding!

Miss Emery

This past weekend, Tash went out for Miss Emery.
She is so beautiful & it was SO much fun to go cheer for her!
My parents-in-law with Tash!
Tash & I!
I wanted to wear the crown. I was soakin up the full experience, if you can't tell!



This is me this entire summer:
It didn't cause too many problems in May or June...but hello school again. Remember that quiz I told you I forgot to take?
This is even better.
I missed class Monday night for the Nashville Tribute Band concert. I decided to look at what information I needed for my quiz for this coming up Monday's class....No worries. I found out I have a midterm... That opened in the testing center yesterday... & today is the last day. Whoa! hahahah.
I'm glad I saw that now...instead of later!
My head has been in the clouds. & I've loved it. But school hasn't. I took my aging midterm yesterday & I'm pretty sure I did okay! I am so unfocused on school right now.
My life is normally very scheduled, routine & organized.
This summer has been so fun, yet kind of stressful in the unroutine sense.
It has all gotten out of whack.
BUT I am having fun, I love being engaged & I am SO looking forward to September 3!


Life happens!

Apparently planning a wedding, doing school projects, taking midterms, trying to keep up with normal life, doctors appointments, other outside tasks, work, housing searching, planning out graduation, finding carpool rides to or from Idaho, trying to plan around the navy, & trying to work out things with the Navy can give a person pretty bad headaches. I've been getting quite a few of those this week.
It's been a kind of stresful one.
but I'm doin good & stayin afloat!
& I've just got to say I have the greatest fiance ever!


I survived...

(The fiance insisted I put a picture on this post. ew)
Last night Wes & I got to talk for a couple hours. It was good to hear his voice. I had gotten home too late Sunday & Monday nights to be able to talk to him. Anyways, I was laying on the bed with my phone on my ear & all of a sudden this enormous bug, the size of an eagle, flew into my room like a spaz and ran into the wall and then was flying around hitting all my walls, meanwhile I was screaming bloody murder, running around my room trying to dodge the nasty mystery bug. It finally succeeded to hit the wall above my bed & take a crash landing on my bed. Now, the crickets in Tennessee are black & the grasshoppers are green. It looked like a giant Cricket because it was fatter than a grasshopper. So, it starts crawling all over my bed. The whole time Weston is howling, he thinks it is the funniest thing ever. I guess he didn't believe me on the enormity of this bug, because he told me to hang up the phone, text him a picture of it & then call him back. So, we hung up, & all the time, this bug is crawling all over my bed & under my covers & i tried to get it out & then it just crawled off the foot of my bed near my bookshelf & into the abyss under my bed...or up the covers from underneath. I was hysterical to say the least. I grabbed my pillow, throw blankets & set up camp on the couch. I turned off my bedroom light, left the door open & turned on the bathroom light hoping the grasscricket would go to the bathroom. It wasn't there this morning.. & I guess my roomate turned off the light. because it was not on. My trap didn't work.
Hmm...I guess he's campin out with me, he probably wants to spoon tonight or something, he is not that lucky.


TMI? Probably.

I got Weston some shoes that are like Van's about a week & a half ago. Last Saturday we were walking around Bed, Bath & Beyond & Wes said, "my shoe is getting a hole in it!" I said, "What the heck, how? You need to clip your toenails!" & he told me that he just did. So, we just assumed it was because the shoes are a little small. Now, disclaimer, Weston's nailbeds are really far out on his fingers and toes. So, if he has any grown out nail it is automatically over his fingers & toes. Saturday night we're watching a movie & I look down at his feet & go, "Oh my gosh! & you were wondering why you were getting a hole in your shoe??!" He had clipped his toenail, but he had clipped his right foot toenail into a point. A dagger, if you will. I busted up laughing & said, "You have GOT to clip that nail!" I then proceeded to explain to him why that toenail needed to be trimmed. I just got a text from him that totally killed me. "You will be happy to know I clipped my big toe nail...No more hole in shoes lol." hahahah I love my fiance. xoxoclipthosethings! p.s. When I google imaged "toenail" I had to grab this picture because it was the only one that didn't make me literally gag on the first page of results. I'm sure there's a better picture somewhere. But I am not searching any deeper for it or I will lose my crackers I just ate all over the keyboard at work.

Nashville Tribute

Have you ever heard of "Joseph Smith: A Nashville Tribute to the Prophet?"
Well this man right here is the inspired, genius musician, Jason Deere.
Want to know more about his albums & projects? Go HERE.
He was our seminary teacher in high school. & let me tell you, he was anything but conventional. However, I learned the most from his lessons & still remember some of the lessons he taught. He rocks.
Jenna & I went up to his concert in Ogden last night. We had such a good time. It was a really fun show!


Weston has finally decided to sell Topanga. This is a sad day in both of our lives...can't you tell?
Ha. He is sad to lose his toy & I am excited to have the financial freedom.
He is also excited to be able to get out of the payments, but will miss his awesome vehicle dearly.
I love him. True devotion to trade a Jeep for a more financially stable marriage. He rocks!
p.s. remember to spread the word of his awesome Jeep, it really is great! I've gotta say, I was pretty attracted to his sexy Jeeps! Good thing my love runs deeper than that ;)



Wes & I are trying desperately to sell his Jeep Wrangler. It's a '99 & is awesome. Has a big lift & big wheels. It is a man's man's man's vehicle :). If you know anyone who is looking for an amazing off roading Jeep, please have them contact Weston! His e-mail is bri09012@byui.edu. We cannot afford the payments we are making for it. He has reduced the price to $9,800 to try to get it sold. OBO. If you know anyone, please please please have them contact us. I've got to admit, I'm goin to miss that Jeep. But not the payments we can't afford. It is not a poor college kid's vehicle.

Poetaytoe poetahtoe.

Spudland adventures have been fun this summer, but I will not miss the trip. Weston & I have switched off visiting eachother every weekend. One of us travels 700 miles every weekend. More than that if we trek down to Orangeville!
He did the math & that is one trip from Provo to Nashville a month. Wow, I could be going home once a month? Haahah I'm sorry family that I'm willing to make that drive for Weston!
It is a lot of gas (thank goodness for carpooling) & oil changes & the whole ten yards.
Thanks Dad for changing the oil when you were visiting!
Last weekend I got to be a car rider for the first time this summer, instead of driving! It was fabulous. Still a long drive though! Weston's down this weekend & then the following weekend, his parents & I are ridin on up to Idaho Falls to move Wes out of his apartment, paint a house for Weston's friend, Dave has a Navy airshow & that will be the last "visit" to Idaho! Then in January, we'll be living there. Brr.
We're trying to find a place to live in Idaho Falls though, so I can get better chances for full-time work, Wes a part-time job & then he'll commute up to Rexburg for school! If anyone knows of affordable housing in the Idaho Falls/Ammon area that we could rent from, let us know!


Let me clear it up!

Sorry for the confusion!
(this is for you, Kristie :D)
Okay, so the deal with the Navy that's been going on. His current job is Aviation Mechanic. His basic date is September 21, 2010. He has basic for 2.5 months apprx. & then he'll have his Advanced Training school that is 5 weeks for that job. So, currently he'll be gone from September 21 until Christmas time. What we're hoping is that he will get the MA "Master of Arms" job instead. The MA "A" school is 6 months long & in Pensacola, Fl. If "A" school is less than 3 months long, I cannot go with him. If it is longer than 3 months, I can live with him, but we have to pay for my move. If it is 6 months or longer, they will pay for me to move as well.
We're waiting on the Navy to find him a spot in one of the MA 'A' schools. If they get him a spot, we're HOPING that the basic date is later. So that is why we are looking for a place to live in Provo. We're hoping he'll be living with me for more than 9 days. If his dates don't change. He leaves September 21, like planned. We still need to find him a job though, because we have no money, & he has a full month before the wedding. SO, that is what is going on with our crazy lives. Basically, I still can't plan anything, & it stresses me out. My fingernails are victims of the stress lol. They all dissappeared yesterday (they're all super peely & breaking. ew)



It is definitely a busy time in life right now!
The wedding is for sure September 3!
I am so ecstatic!
In case you were curious, that's 60 days from today!
60 days to make a wedding dress (thanks mom)
60 days to make announcements (thanks mom)
60 days to mail announcements (thanks mom)
60 days to be a bridesmaid twice.
60 days to find Weston a suit, shoes & a tie.
60 days to do the wedding registry.
60 days to do a whole term of school & finals, go to a family reunion, to Tennessee, to Texas & back to Utah.
60 days to take bridal pictures (another awesome photosesh with the amazing Sydney Marne Photography)
60 days to find wedding shoes
60 days to save money...I have none.
60 days to do a lot more than the list I just mentioned.
a couple weeks to find Wes a job in Provo & a place for us to live. Just through December.
A lot to do in 6o days, but I'm not the first, & it will be done!
I just may look like this after it's all over.
Hopefully Wes will still want to marry me.



Confessions, cont.

I used to be obsessed with Nature sound CDs. Or random ambience CDs. I have rain CDs, Oceanside Piano, guitar music with rain, Tai'Chi, & other soothing soundtracks.
Yes, I listened to them as I went to sleep.
If you're in need of anything relaxing to listen too, I'm your dealer.

Heeby horrific Jeebies.

Oh. My. Gosh.
I just had the most traumatic bathroom experience.
I'm not going into details. Just know that I could probably throw up right now.
My seemingly silly fears of outdoor bathrooms are now 100% solidified.

Celebration Station

I had the most fabulous weekend! Friday night Wes got to town & we had dinner & ran errands at walmart. Saturday morning Dani did my makeup & Sydney spent 3 hours shooting Wes & I's engagement pictures. She did an incredible job! I've only seen a few, but they toootally rock! I'll keep you posted on the pictures! That afternoon we went to the Brinkerhoff's for a barbecue! It was so fun! That night Wes & I layed on a lawn at Provo High & watched the Stadium of Fire fireworks show. It was amazing as usual. Sunday church, nap, "Taken", and then a birthday barbecue that night that Dani put together, it was so fun! Sunday night Wes & I put the couches together & tried to do a "48 Hours" marathon. Yeah, my internet is less than great. Saturday mornin Wes made me biscuits & gravy for a fabulous birthday breakfast! Then we went to the Provo 4th of July parade. It was really impressive! I had really bad cramps all weekend & got hit hard with them in the middle of the parade. So after the parade we walked around the carnival a bit & then went home where I popped some IB's. Then Weston baked oatmeal cookies. He did a great job! Then Momma Joan & Poppa Dave came & brought us to lunch & a movie. We had such a fun time! That night I got to talk on the phone with my mom & grandmother! It was just the perfect birthday! I had so much fun! & everyone & their mom told me happy birthday. It made me so happy :)
Melissa, Weston's sister, is dating my cousin, Trevor.
Joan called Trevor the dog whisperer. I couldn't figure out why.
Wes & I with the birthday brownies!
Wes wasn't too thrilled about the flower behind his ear!
Liss & Trev. He loves flowers. Me & the present Spencer got me for my birthday! Trevor wrapped it for him.
Coolest gift ever!
Spence bought the rights & printed & framed the marathon picture of Wes & I!
Wes & I at the fireworks!
Brad & Wes grillin up a storm!
Dani & I with the cake she baked for my birthday!
Wes gettin the instructions from hismom for the oatmeal cookies.
Such concentration hahah
Some of Wes' finished cookies!
We had fun at the barbecue!



Or in the words of Celine Dion: Lurv.
I get to see my beautiful fiance in 9 hours. I am so so so so so so excited.
I miss him every day.
I cannot wait until we're together foooorrrreeevvveeer. Lucky me!
I love him!
I love his family!
He loves me!
He loves my family!
Our families love eachother!
Our parents chat on the phone with eachother.
It does NOT get better than that.
I looooove the life I live!


That is my middle name, did ya know?
I am seriously, SUCH a space cadet. All. The. Time.
I have the attention span if a goldfish (& that's being generous).
Basically. I won't tell you the 50 things I was forgetful of last night.
I will, however, share with you a dumb mistake I made.
This 'gift' of mine, is very helpful with school. Let me tell you.
I forgot to do "The Syllabus Assignment" for Marriage Prep.
Don't know what that is?
You go to blackboard and press a button confirming you read the syllabus. For credit.
Unless you didn't do it by the 28th. Score.
Yeah, I forgot. Til now.
It's like my head's in the clouds. Or thinking about a boy all the time or something...



(this isn't the real deal, it's a clothing patch) Dear United States Navy, I apologize for our intensive love/hate relationship that has cultivated in the past few months. I appreciate you & all your sailors serving in your branch. I do not, however, appreciate the hiccups you are causing with the regular flow of life. My fiance loves you, & because of that I have to look at the situation with not a total scowl. Again, I appreciate those serving, but am anticipating the control you will have over my future with the love of my life. Sincerely, Rachel xoxonavywifetobeeeeee.
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