Wes & I are trying desperately to sell his Jeep Wrangler. It's a '99 & is awesome. Has a big lift & big wheels. It is a man's man's man's vehicle :). If you know anyone who is looking for an amazing off roading Jeep, please have them contact Weston! His e-mail is bri09012@byui.edu. We cannot afford the payments we are making for it. He has reduced the price to $9,800 to try to get it sold. OBO. If you know anyone, please please please have them contact us. I've got to admit, I'm goin to miss that Jeep. But not the payments we can't afford. It is not a poor college kid's vehicle.


  1. Ahhhh I have been wanting a Jeep SO badly lately...but alas, I, too, have joined the ranks of poor college kids who cannot afford such luxuries!

    I don't even get a car this school year haha!

  2. OOh...you forgot to add that it is an amazing BABE MAGNET...I mean, look who he caught with it! :)


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