TMI? Probably.

I got Weston some shoes that are like Van's about a week & a half ago. Last Saturday we were walking around Bed, Bath & Beyond & Wes said, "my shoe is getting a hole in it!" I said, "What the heck, how? You need to clip your toenails!" & he told me that he just did. So, we just assumed it was because the shoes are a little small. Now, disclaimer, Weston's nailbeds are really far out on his fingers and toes. So, if he has any grown out nail it is automatically over his fingers & toes. Saturday night we're watching a movie & I look down at his feet & go, "Oh my gosh! & you were wondering why you were getting a hole in your shoe??!" He had clipped his toenail, but he had clipped his right foot toenail into a point. A dagger, if you will. I busted up laughing & said, "You have GOT to clip that nail!" I then proceeded to explain to him why that toenail needed to be trimmed. I just got a text from him that totally killed me. "You will be happy to know I clipped my big toe nail...No more hole in shoes lol." hahahah I love my fiance. xoxoclipthosethings! p.s. When I google imaged "toenail" I had to grab this picture because it was the only one that didn't make me literally gag on the first page of results. I'm sure there's a better picture somewhere. But I am not searching any deeper for it or I will lose my crackers I just ate all over the keyboard at work.

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