My life is Whoa.

I had just the most amazing weekend.
Last Wednesday I headed up to Rexburg with Wes' parents & aunt & cousin to get that cute boy fiance of mine & because Dave had an air show for the Navy.
It was a fun weekend, I slept a lot, there were a few late nights, but I also slept in the latest I have FOREVER! We went to Rigby lake, we moved him out, we went to the park, we walked around BYUI campus & Wes showed me all his buildings. I helped a LITTLE on the wedding favors with Joan, but mostly her, Lisa, & GaeLyn did them! Thank you so much, & sorry I'm so obsessed with Weston! They turned out darling.
Saturday night my Great-Grandmother Josie Belle Folsom DeLoach passed away. It's exactly 14 years after her awesome husband. She is the sweetest most loving person. She was witty even till the end in her sicker days. She is so beautiful. She had the softest hands. She always wore her apron. She was always so kind to everyone. She loved being a homemaker & was the best hostess. She knit & played the piano always. She had a green thumb & always had a rose plant out front. She was left handed, like my mom & fiance. She raised 8 children, I may be biased, but she had a direct impact on my life via her example, the platform she set for my grandmother, who set another outstanding one for my mom, who then raised me to be the fabulous person I am. Ha, just kidding, but it is a serious line of awesome women. I love her. She is so awesome. She will be missed, but I know that the celebration & reunion on the other side was a sweet one.
I wish I could be with the family & in Florida with everyone to celebrate her life at her funeral!
Dang Utah, this is a major con, you're too far away from my family.
(thanks Mom for the picture!)
Wes & I decided to leave at 3:30 a.m. to come to Provo instead of last night...wow...I'm still not sure which would've been less worse. He's the best. Poor guy drove the whole way, until the 10 minute segment I drove before I started freaking out that the Jeep is way to freaky to drive on the interstate. He is so cute & isn't repulsed by my lovely fly catching sleep face & even pulls me onto his shoulder & rubs my shoulders while he drives & I catch z's. He got me back to work in the knick of time & it was a fun drive, the parts I was awake for atleast! My roadtripping resume is the worst...as in...no one would ever recommend me as a roadtrip partner after going on one with me, because I sleep. a lot. It was a fabulous weekend full of mixed emotions & now I'm at work on no sleep & we started a new programming system that has LOTS of gliches.... luckily, all the patients have been just that...patient.
Have a fabulous Monday, back to reality & school :)

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  1. Sweet, sweet post, Rachel! I am so happy you're doing well and that you did get sleep last weekend! It is so hard to have such little time with the one you love...you feel like you have to spend every minute with them! I love you! And thanks for the sweet comments about Grandmother, Great-grand and me!


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