It is definitely a busy time in life right now!
The wedding is for sure September 3!
I am so ecstatic!
In case you were curious, that's 60 days from today!
60 days to make a wedding dress (thanks mom)
60 days to make announcements (thanks mom)
60 days to mail announcements (thanks mom)
60 days to be a bridesmaid twice.
60 days to find Weston a suit, shoes & a tie.
60 days to do the wedding registry.
60 days to do a whole term of school & finals, go to a family reunion, to Tennessee, to Texas & back to Utah.
60 days to take bridal pictures (another awesome photosesh with the amazing Sydney Marne Photography)
60 days to find wedding shoes
60 days to save money...I have none.
60 days to do a lot more than the list I just mentioned.
a couple weeks to find Wes a job in Provo & a place for us to live. Just through December.
A lot to do in 6o days, but I'm not the first, & it will be done!
I just may look like this after it's all over.
Hopefully Wes will still want to marry me.



  1. ok so wait--im so confused. is weston not leaving for the fall semester?? cause you said you have to find him a job and a place for you two to live! explain yourself! cause if its true and he's really not leaving then hooray!!

  2. Ok so that's terrifying...both your to-do list, and the picture. Good luck, Rach :)...

  3. Oh, Rachel, I feel for you with all that you have going on. Still, you have abundant energy 'cause you are living off of love, sweet love! That gives you zest unequaled! Don't feel you are alone though, 'cause friends and family are rooting for you and wanting to help in whatever way they can. That is quite the list you have built for yourself so just take one day at a time and knock them off one by one! Steady as you go! Say your prayers, you know who is on your side and wanting you and Weston to succeed!
    Love to you both!

  4. bahahahha oh rachel. this picture is hilarious.


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