Weston has finally decided to sell Topanga. This is a sad day in both of our lives...can't you tell?
Ha. He is sad to lose his toy & I am excited to have the financial freedom.
He is also excited to be able to get out of the payments, but will miss his awesome vehicle dearly.
I love him. True devotion to trade a Jeep for a more financially stable marriage. He rocks!
p.s. remember to spread the word of his awesome Jeep, it really is great! I've gotta say, I was pretty attracted to his sexy Jeeps! Good thing my love runs deeper than that ;)


  1. These pictures are just priceless! I got such a kick out of this post, Rachel! It sure made me smile, too. It shows how it all has become not "me" but "we"! It totally warmed my heart!

  2. p.s. Good luck on selling Topanga! Don't worry there will be more Topangas in your future if you want it, down the road.

  3. Ooh, AMEN to my mamma...as usual!! LOVED this post and a little sidenote...love your kick-poses! You are the cutest!!!

  4. Oh, and I'm just curious...did you leave him standing there like that when you left Idaho? 'Cause his pose looks a bit permanent and I'm pretty sure he'll sell it faster that way too!


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