Holy Moly, life is so craaazy busy right now. No complaints here though because I LOVE being busy. Today after work, travel to Idaho with the in-laws, move that cute fiance of mine home. Next week, school, work, school, work, school.... the next week school, work, school, work, school, then finals & move out of my apartment & into Keith & Keri's & go to parts of Weston's family reunion. Aug. 13, fly home, mom makes wedding dress, I help crank out last minute wedding stuff. Friday drive to Texas, Aug 21, Kristin's wedding. Aug. 22 fly back to Utah. There are then less than 2 weeks till the wedding. The week before my wedding is the first week of school. Also during that week, I need to go do last minute hygeine stuff. waxing, hair, etc... I still need to set up appts for all that...it's going to be expensive..& I'm broke, I better find some other jobs to fill in the cracks!! Sep. 2, go through the temple. Sept. 3 9am wedding, 5pm family dinner, 7pm reception, 9pm...party!
It is insane that the wedding is 44 days away. 6 weeks... Where did the time go?
Sydney's wedding yesterday was incredible, the reception was SO fun & of course everything just looked PERFECT, but obviously, because it's Syd we're talking about!
But it was so not healthy for me... it made me want to get married tomorrow! :)
My life is so wonderful & packed with goodness right now!
I love my fiance & he loves me!
It doesn't get any better than this!

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