So, my best friend from High school, & my best friend from college are hitchin' their wagons together! How awesome is that? This mornin Sydney & Mitch GOT married! CRAZY!! I am soo happy for them! They are so happy! It was so fun, we took pictures forever today after their sealing ceremony, just a headsup, don't do a wedding at noon in mid-July, you will die of heat exposure! But despite the heat & Syd's ever so awesomely huge dress, she still looked stunning & smiled with pure joy!
I have felt bad & it totally snuck up on me, because I've been so slammed with work & school, & a fiance of my own, but holy cow Mitch & Syd have never beamed as much as they did this morning!
Last week we had a bachelorette party! It was fun :)
Ty, Wes & Josh waiting patiently outside the doors they were comin through!
Ty, Wes, Josh, Jenna, Me & Kenz!
Yes Ty is wearing a purple tie & has a pink cast. He's always trying to steal the attention.
It was so fun getting together with all the high school friends again!
She's a Sherwood now!!
Now I'm leavin class early & heading back up north to Sandy for the reception, which is obviously going to be SO fun!!! xoxomybestfriends'wedding!


  1. Gosh, you sure fed a craving, Rachel! I would have liked to been there and this was the next best thing! Thanks for posting these nice photos and giving us a feel for this happy occasion!

  2. I meant to also say what a beautiful bride Sydney was!! I loved the suit that Mitch wore, too. They are another handsome couple! Post more photos when you get the time. kay? kay!


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