Celebration Station

I had the most fabulous weekend! Friday night Wes got to town & we had dinner & ran errands at walmart. Saturday morning Dani did my makeup & Sydney spent 3 hours shooting Wes & I's engagement pictures. She did an incredible job! I've only seen a few, but they toootally rock! I'll keep you posted on the pictures! That afternoon we went to the Brinkerhoff's for a barbecue! It was so fun! That night Wes & I layed on a lawn at Provo High & watched the Stadium of Fire fireworks show. It was amazing as usual. Sunday church, nap, "Taken", and then a birthday barbecue that night that Dani put together, it was so fun! Sunday night Wes & I put the couches together & tried to do a "48 Hours" marathon. Yeah, my internet is less than great. Saturday mornin Wes made me biscuits & gravy for a fabulous birthday breakfast! Then we went to the Provo 4th of July parade. It was really impressive! I had really bad cramps all weekend & got hit hard with them in the middle of the parade. So after the parade we walked around the carnival a bit & then went home where I popped some IB's. Then Weston baked oatmeal cookies. He did a great job! Then Momma Joan & Poppa Dave came & brought us to lunch & a movie. We had such a fun time! That night I got to talk on the phone with my mom & grandmother! It was just the perfect birthday! I had so much fun! & everyone & their mom told me happy birthday. It made me so happy :)
Melissa, Weston's sister, is dating my cousin, Trevor.
Joan called Trevor the dog whisperer. I couldn't figure out why.
Wes & I with the birthday brownies!
Wes wasn't too thrilled about the flower behind his ear!
Liss & Trev. He loves flowers. Me & the present Spencer got me for my birthday! Trevor wrapped it for him.
Coolest gift ever!
Spence bought the rights & printed & framed the marathon picture of Wes & I!
Wes & I at the fireworks!
Brad & Wes grillin up a storm!
Dani & I with the cake she baked for my birthday!
Wes gettin the instructions from hismom for the oatmeal cookies.
Such concentration hahah
Some of Wes' finished cookies!
We had fun at the barbecue!

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  1. you must really love me.
    my picture got put up twice.


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