Let me clear it up!

Sorry for the confusion!
(this is for you, Kristie :D)
Okay, so the deal with the Navy that's been going on. His current job is Aviation Mechanic. His basic date is September 21, 2010. He has basic for 2.5 months apprx. & then he'll have his Advanced Training school that is 5 weeks for that job. So, currently he'll be gone from September 21 until Christmas time. What we're hoping is that he will get the MA "Master of Arms" job instead. The MA "A" school is 6 months long & in Pensacola, Fl. If "A" school is less than 3 months long, I cannot go with him. If it is longer than 3 months, I can live with him, but we have to pay for my move. If it is 6 months or longer, they will pay for me to move as well.
We're waiting on the Navy to find him a spot in one of the MA 'A' schools. If they get him a spot, we're HOPING that the basic date is later. So that is why we are looking for a place to live in Provo. We're hoping he'll be living with me for more than 9 days. If his dates don't change. He leaves September 21, like planned. We still need to find him a job though, because we have no money, & he has a full month before the wedding. SO, that is what is going on with our crazy lives. Basically, I still can't plan anything, & it stresses me out. My fingernails are victims of the stress lol. They all dissappeared yesterday (they're all super peely & breaking. ew)

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