That is my middle name, did ya know?
I am seriously, SUCH a space cadet. All. The. Time.
I have the attention span if a goldfish (& that's being generous).
Basically. I won't tell you the 50 things I was forgetful of last night.
I will, however, share with you a dumb mistake I made.
This 'gift' of mine, is very helpful with school. Let me tell you.
I forgot to do "The Syllabus Assignment" for Marriage Prep.
Don't know what that is?
You go to blackboard and press a button confirming you read the syllabus. For credit.
Unless you didn't do it by the 28th. Score.
Yeah, I forgot. Til now.
It's like my head's in the clouds. Or thinking about a boy all the time or something...

1 comment:

  1. You have a lot going on, My Dear! When I was engaged to be married, I missed giving my boss twice in a row the bank deposit where I worked. He would walk to the bank and guess what, it was missing out of his pouch. At least, the part that made it complete. After the second time he said to me, "I know you are getting married but... then proceeded to tell me about his misteps during that time for him. He was nice about it though.


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