The woes of no tv.

I'm not a huge boob-tube watcher, but I am now very sad I do not have a TV at my apartment.
August 1 is the first day of shark week. This is my favorite tv time EVER. I love documentaries, yes, pull out the pocket-protectors now. Too bad Danielle won't be in town, so I can't go watch it at her apartment... I'm going to have to find a quick fix to this. Maybe we can put it on in the lobby at work. Or maybe I'll find a TV in the wilk that plays it. I'll bring my homework and popcorn & watch the creepiest animals in action!


  1. Hey rach... if u go to "Hulu.com", it workds GREAT... u can watch tv shows from the hour before(most of them) or watch them whatever time u want AFTER they've showed on tv!!! i love that site. i use it for psych!!! xoxobothmysistersROCK

  2. This post totally took me by surprise! Didn't know you cared, Rach!

  3. I totally watched shark week while I was exercising at the hotel in Orlando....sorry you missed it!


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