Life happens!

Apparently planning a wedding, doing school projects, taking midterms, trying to keep up with normal life, doctors appointments, other outside tasks, work, housing searching, planning out graduation, finding carpool rides to or from Idaho, trying to plan around the navy, & trying to work out things with the Navy can give a person pretty bad headaches. I've been getting quite a few of those this week.
It's been a kind of stresful one.
but I'm doin good & stayin afloat!
& I've just got to say I have the greatest fiance ever!


  1. Let's just say you are living off of love, Rach! When you feel loved you can do a lot of things. When you don't feel loved it is a show stopper! You and Weston will get there, one day at a time. Life is just busy-- period! I am concerned for you through all of this though, Rachel. Say your prayers faithfully, practice obedience the best way you know how and all things will work together for your good! It is a promise!

  2. I'm soooo sorry and totally empahtize with you and at the risk of trying to keep up...I have to say that I have had a "twinner" headache for 4 days now...maybe it'll go away for both of us AFTER the wedding? I hope sooner-especially for you! Love you sweetie!


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