I have the most exciting news ever! Weston won't be shipping until February 8 now! ahhh yaaay! SO now we have 5 months together before he ships instead of 2 1/2 weeks! I cannot wait! So our next year looks like this:
Wedding September 3
He ships to basic February 8
Apprx. 2 months later I move to Great Lakes, Illinois to join him at his "A" school to be a hospital corpsman in the Navy with the Marines (not so excited about that part)
We live in Great Lakes for 6 Mos.
Then he is off to Southern California for Marine Basic training...yeah...more time of no talking & solely letter writing. I have no idea where I'll live during this portion.
After he's done there, we will make our way to Rexburg, Idaho where he will finish his undergrad. The plan is then to get him to law school!
So this is all awesome & exciting news!
He is going to be a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy, but will be deployed with the Marines. This is pretty scary. He is so excited, which makes me so excited for him! Also good things is we will be able to spend our first married Thanksgiving & Christmas TOGETHER. This might not have been the case before. We will miss our first Valentine's together, but I've never had a Valentine I've ever cared about anyway, & I'll still have mine, he'll just be a couple thousand miles away, right?
Dear United States Navy,
Thank you for responding and working diligently (after my father-in-law got on your case) to find Weston a job he is interested in and that will help him in our future.


  1. I've been watching for this post!!! So exciting isn't it? O.K. so, I have an awesome idea...those two months when you are in "no man's land", you can come home to Tennessee...find a job and live with us!!! Good times! Love you dear and so so happy for Weston-although nervous too, and praying for his SAFETY!

  2. yay!!!! so happy for you both!

  3. Rachel, I have had other things taking up space in my mind as you know and only now responding but your mother can attest to the fact that I was so thrilled, excited and happy for you both. Our prayers HAVE been answered! We were all praying hard for this and how grateful we are that it has come to pass! You and Weston are always and will always be important to me!


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