This is me this entire summer:
It didn't cause too many problems in May or June...but hello school again. Remember that quiz I told you I forgot to take?
This is even better.
I missed class Monday night for the Nashville Tribute Band concert. I decided to look at what information I needed for my quiz for this coming up Monday's class....No worries. I found out I have a midterm... That opened in the testing center yesterday... & today is the last day. Whoa! hahahah.
I'm glad I saw that now...instead of later!
My head has been in the clouds. & I've loved it. But school hasn't. I took my aging midterm yesterday & I'm pretty sure I did okay! I am so unfocused on school right now.
My life is normally very scheduled, routine & organized.
This summer has been so fun, yet kind of stressful in the unroutine sense.
It has all gotten out of whack.
BUT I am having fun, I love being engaged & I am SO looking forward to September 3!

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  1. Yes, I am sure you have been floating on a cloud, Rachel, and why not? You are living the dream as Wes likes to say! Stay happy but stay focused, too! I want to go to your college graduation next year! Love you!


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