Poetaytoe poetahtoe.

Spudland adventures have been fun this summer, but I will not miss the trip. Weston & I have switched off visiting eachother every weekend. One of us travels 700 miles every weekend. More than that if we trek down to Orangeville!
He did the math & that is one trip from Provo to Nashville a month. Wow, I could be going home once a month? Haahah I'm sorry family that I'm willing to make that drive for Weston!
It is a lot of gas (thank goodness for carpooling) & oil changes & the whole ten yards.
Thanks Dad for changing the oil when you were visiting!
Last weekend I got to be a car rider for the first time this summer, instead of driving! It was fabulous. Still a long drive though! Weston's down this weekend & then the following weekend, his parents & I are ridin on up to Idaho Falls to move Wes out of his apartment, paint a house for Weston's friend, Dave has a Navy airshow & that will be the last "visit" to Idaho! Then in January, we'll be living there. Brr.
We're trying to find a place to live in Idaho Falls though, so I can get better chances for full-time work, Wes a part-time job & then he'll commute up to Rexburg for school! If anyone knows of affordable housing in the Idaho Falls/Ammon area that we could rent from, let us know!

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  1. yay for idaho falls! i love that place :) i'll ask around and see if i know anyone that is hiring come january! xoxo


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