Talk about vulnerable

Oh my. I'm in my Health in the Aging Processes class right now. holy cow. My professor pulled out a eye sight chart. If you know me, you know I'm legally blind. Even with my contacts I don't have 20/20. Well, I'm wearing my retainers & we watched a movie & it was dark in the front of the room. He said, "You, read this." So I mumbled out the furthest line from the bottom that I could read. The furthest was the 3rd from the bottom. I got a letter wrong. He made me start at the top and read every line to see how far down I could see. I did not like that. I have my retainers in, so I had a lisp. & he's callin me out for my terrible vision. I don't think he believed me at how bad my eyes were. It was kind of annoying. xoxoblindasabat


  1. I'm feeling your pain on this one, Rachel! That would be the time you wore your retainer to class, huh? Well glad you made it through! xoxox

  2. I feel your pain! I had a teacher pull me out for a sight test when I was in middle school and I was the only one. I was so embarassed but ultimately she did me a huge favor 'cause she told my parents that I was blind! This was the sixth grade and I made a whole lot better grades after I could actually SEE with glasses! Sorry, Rach, it is hereditary!

  3. OMG Rach, do u have Dr. Heiner?!?!?! If so...what a wild ride! SuPeR FUN once u get to the 80s workouts to the monotone lady...bahahahahaha!

    all the best!


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