The wedding reception!

Last night was so fun!
Me & Syd at the reception!
The beautiful mother-of-the-bride!
Maddie & Mitch! Me & Ty my smile was ridiculously enormous all night. I was kinda, sorta, extremely happy! Ty, Dani, Jenna, Josh, Me & Wes waitin for them to come out to leave for their honeymoon! Don't worry, we filled the whole car with balloons & decorated it all nice!
Syd & I!


  1. I can't believe it's official now!!! Wowee! So so happy for them...they look so happy! Now I'm so scared you're going to smile like that at YOUR wedding...I'll have to glue your lips in place now...I'm pretty sure they sell something for that! hahaha! Loved this Rach!

  2. That was the MOST FUN! Really great pictures and you helped us, those back home who wanted to be there! Thanks, Rachel! Everyone looks so happy, especially Sydney and Mitch! LOVED that picture of my cute Primary girl, Maddie! It is going to be sad to loose Maddie out of my class this year! Sydney Sherwood, has a nice ring, doesn't it! So happy for them!


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