A Bad Case of the Mondays

I'm grumpy.
& Ornery.
It is a terrible combination.
I'm getting very irritated over not important things.

Like how 80% of the general population spells their last name after saying it.
As in, "I'm here to check in for an appointment, my last name is Smith. S-M-I-T-H"
Oh, your spelling of Smith isn't the one that has a silent "G" at the beginning?


Wes is alive and well!
He's in Nevada on the Pahroc fire.
It is mostly contained they're doing mop-up right now!
So, hopefully he'll be returning soon in the next couple of days!
Nevada you have an awesome man taking care of your wildlands! :)

This is so funny.
So cute. This little baby goes to Mexico next summer. Ole! I'll miss that squirt. & his deep voice. & his easy-to-be-around-ness.


& it's begun.

Fire Season 2012

Weston has been called to Nevada!

They just went available to be called on fires Wednesday evening. so it's pretty intense to get a call this early!

My adrenaline started pumping as soon as I got the call!


Life with an XL head

Whenever a hat comes with this tag:

One size fits all = don't even try it on.

I do try it on.
It looks like this:

I made sure Weston wouldn't cut his hair before our wedding for this specific reason.
Otherwise we'd look like this in our wedding photos:
via                                                                           via
Except Wes doesn't have a pin head. This is merely for comparison purposes.


The life of a robot.

Seen these?
Yeah, I hate them.

I end up shaking the computer: "I AM NOT A ROBOT."
It never convinces my computer. I always have to listen to the words. If you can even call them that.
Embarrassing in computer labs.
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