A Bad Case of the Mondays

I'm grumpy.
& Ornery.
It is a terrible combination.
I'm getting very irritated over not important things.

Like how 80% of the general population spells their last name after saying it.
As in, "I'm here to check in for an appointment, my last name is Smith. S-M-I-T-H"
Oh, your spelling of Smith isn't the one that has a silent "G" at the beginning?


  1. I always say "Ann Peach-like the fruit" I wonder if that's annoying too?

    I was just thinking yesterday I wished I lived closer to you because I had so much fun hanging with you in January... and I'll like you even when you're grumpy.

    Hope this day gets better or people stay out of your way. :)

  2. LOL! Now we're gonna get someone with the last name Gsmith.


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