My blogging priorities died.
They were murdered.
Seeing as how I've been watching NCIS like it's going out of style, this only makes sense.
But seriously.
Now that we've moved to "The City of Peace" we have found it fitting to not add internet to our monthly billz.
Aka. No blogging.
Here's my excuse.
I sit on my bum 40 hours a week. That's not fun bum time.
There is no way I'm bringin my laptop to work with me to go to campus afterwards to use their wifi to blog.
a blog isn't a blog without pictures.
SO. I just don't blog.
I know, throw the tomatoes, I know all of you love reading novels about my life. However, my 1-line a day-er is serving it's purpose & documenting my life until further blog revivement days.
Oh & here's a few pictures since all ya'll love 2.0 megapixel terrible Samsung phone photos!

Spent Memorial Day with this cute little toot. & Miss Jenna, too, but didn't photograph that fun get together!
 Salem is no Tennessee, but it's the best I've seen in Utah. I love living here.
Cute Wes at din din in Arizona with his crew. Love that man!
 I'm glad texts don't come with smells.
Look how round his face is with those beard hairs! So furry!
I'll be greeting him with a razor when he gets back from this tour!
 Wes & I went Canoeing. We loaded the canoe back onto the Geo.  We realized after we loaded it that we strapped it through the window on the driver's side. Wes bet me he could make it through the window. This is a man who can barely stretch past his knees.  He won the bet.


  1. We have tied a mattress to our car roof the same way!! Crawl through the window is the way to go ;)

  2. KEEEP Blogging! Your phone pictures are just fine and it makes me sad if you don't! Also, blackness on Weston's face=blackness in his lungs=we're giving him a gas mask for Christmas. Not fun, but def necessary! :)

  3. I love the comment about being glad texts don't come with smells. I am the same way about Mike sometimes.haha


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