His last 24 hrs.

Spencie went into the Provo Missionary Training Center today.  He flew in last night while I was at cubscouts. Dani went to pick him up & I met them in Provizzle.  We were going to go to Yogurtland for celebration.  He was really sick, so he didn't feel up for the crowds, so we got his favorite food: ice cream at Smith's & headed back to Salem.  We had a little party.  Aka I gave Spencie back scratches & we doped him up on Sudafed.  It was fun. Then today we went to Zupas & had a fun last supper together. It was so fun. I've been dreading today for a long time. I've been biting my nails over it for a few weeks. It was as bad as I thought it'd be.

We had a lot of fun together. & Spencie bought lots of meds.  I hope he doesn't get more sick! He was a sad little sicky!
You can just call me Quazimodo.

Poor little sicky. He was a good sport & only half-way hated me for taking a million pictures.

& when I say half-way I mean, probably closer to all the way.

I love Spence so much. He's one of my favorite people on the planet. Growing up we were 2 peas in a pod.  We liked to play the same games. We liked to watch the same shows. We played basketball together with the other seester.  We are best friends. I'll miss him so much already. I know he'll be a fantastic missionary & I am so proud of him. Today really was so hard, though.  Gosh, I just wanted to stand at the curb & tell the other missionary that was taking him away & say, "Okay, you make sure he's alright!"

Gosh, I worry about him being in Mexico. However, I know that while he's on the Lord's errand he will be protected. I just hope that His will is the same as mine!

I'll miss Spence at all the family get togethers & I'll hate having him gone for big events!
He's so fun. & I am ALWAYS laughing when he's around.
Not because he's always cracking jokes,
just because he's hilarious & extremely witty.



  1. I hear you-I've got 2 missionary brothers out right now, they're basicaly like my sons! It's been hard having them both gone and the beginning is always the hardest, but it's SO much fun and the blessings your family recieves is incredible. If you need anyone to mope around with I'm here! :D We can go eat lots of ice cream and talk about our missionary brothers :) hang in there!

  2. I didn't realize that he went into the MTC sick. So sad for him to begin his days like that. I hope he is feeling better and it seems that he is from the looks of the barber pictures with Aunt Kay. Wasn't that such a treat to get those pictures! So glad you girls have a blog for him and will look forward to reading that, for sure!


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