Life before baby #2

Ivy loves to "help" me organize & reorganize our storage bins & baby supplies.
She's such a good assistant in this nesting stuff.

Ivy is OBSESSED with shoes.
She has to try on every pair she finds.
If she finds a pair of shoes in a room of people she will carry them around staring at everyone's feet searching for the feet that are missing their shoes.
It is hilarious.
This Elmo lover LOVES reading to her Elmos.
We gave her that blow up Elmo balloon in her Easter basket. 
I had NO idea how loved that balloon would be.
It stayed inflated for a long amount of time & she loved it every second!
That smile melts my heart.
more book time.
She loves knocking on my grandmother's door and visiting her!
This baby doll is very well loved also.
It might be the most played with doll of all baby dolls ever.
She is a total daddy's girl!

Um. Twins.
That's all.
She went to get a kitchen towel to clean up some water she spilled on her baby doll.. well she trippedd and landed on her face. Then she decided she liked laying there.
I could not catch my breath I was laughing so hard. 
This image is my favorite. She cracks me up & NEVER lays still, so this one is hilarious & I'm so glad I caught it.
Her top half.

Weston always wants her hair done like this, but I rarely do it, because I'm OCD and it bothers me if they're not centered correctly and this child is far too wiggly for me to put piggies in symmetrically.
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