Life Through Mi Cellular.

SO some people refer to their phones as a camera phone.
I refer to mine as a phone camera.
Because it's not so great at the whole phone job but a whole lot less great at the camera job.

It is no camera phone.

That being said here's somethings I enjoy that you might, too!
 We went to Deer Valley Resevoir on Sunday afternoon! It was so much fun!
 We each took a turn stepping on the ice. VERY thin ice. There were signs EVERYWHERE saying not to sep on it! We just stepped right onto it at the shoreline, so maybe 6 inches deep. No feet were sacrificed for this experience.
 Papa came to town last minute last Thursday night on his way home from a business trip in LA. He spent his layover that night with us! We were so happy he stopped by! He took us out to Tucanos. Oh goodness, good bye all veganness for the yummiest meal. Poor Danielle doesn't really care for it. As for me, I am a meat & potatoes kind of girl. I take after my dad that way.
Anyway, Twigget Spencie got very full. His pants became too tight & his tummy pooched. It was hilarious. He said he was eating to make up for last month starving & next month starving hahah but seriously he's lost so much weight since coming to BYU & he was skinny before that. Poor scrawny boy.
 These are some new things we have. I painted that painting & I made those yarn art things. My dear mother in law mistook them for Easter decorations, so I will be tossing the enormous one into the trash can & starting on a newer round one. They were really fun & easy to make! I'll make a tutorial for you on the next round one I make.  & that couch is our new couch. Well, our old new couch! Remember, our $15 couch? It's dark olive...Not sure how I feel about it, actually, I am, I want to cover it, but just not sure how I plan on doing that yet! But 2 thumbs up for it! It is comfy, & DEEP!
 Momma made us a puzzle of pictures of ourselves for Christmas a couple years ago. We love it & had fun putting it together last Sunday after our trip to the resevoir!
We take Tetris very seriously at our house.
 Creepy.  Found these on a hunt for Deej's guided reading antlers.
Find out what I'm talking about HERE.
 Okay, could this picture be more mugshot?
The creepy dead eyes & the poofy hair...Weston & His EMT friendys decided it'd be fun to do "hard" picturse. Only Weston's came out soul-less.
I keep trying to persuade him to get his picture taken again, because it creeps me out sitting on our counter.
 Trips to target are not true trips without a fashion show in the hat section.

 I really like that hat! Too bad my head is to large for most cute hats! One day, in heaven, there will be a hat section for huge heads!
 This wall just makes me happy. Especially because all of this stuff has been packed & towed to Salem already, our walls are bare!
 I'm not sure if I ever shared this. But it was hilarious. We had a lot of fun hunting for a Christmas tree this year. At Lowe's. No, seriously we loved our tree! It was beautiful! & looked great strapped
Also despite the dirty window from outside dirt, this is the view out the south side of our basement apartment. That is our pond to the side of our house. & then the other window that faces the west has a beautiful view of the fields. We love our new apartment! & that building you see right there is Salem Hills High School! We live right by it! Also that road that you see is the private drive to our house & one other house that is about 100 yds away. We love the secludedness!

So that's it! Life has been good & slightly stressful, but my fingernails have taken most of the brunt of that. Gross.  I'm trying to break my stressed out finger nail gnawing habit. I've been unsuccessful so far. It's in progress.

Spring Cleaning.

I figured with the fresh snow today....I'd do a spring cleaning on the blog & fix it up. Like I've been wanting to for a while, so now it's a little fresher and cleaner, cleaner. Enjoy eyeballs!


Life is just plain good! 

Wes is LOVING school. I am still working my 8-5 & sometimes 9-6 depending.

I have finished designing Melissa's wedding announcement, I'll post a picture of that later. They're great.

Today Weston is running with the Lehi Fire Department ambulance. He is like a child in a candy shop. SO ecstatic. We went and got him Dickies at Walmart last night (speaking of which, keep it a secret, but pops came into town for a couple hours on his way home from LA to Nashville). It was so fun having him here & he went to Walmart with us! He looked all sharp with his khaki pants dark polo & fire boots! He was SO excited! He practiced taking my vitals last night. As I slept hahah creepy? Not in our house!

I have been doing my duties as a daughter and watching Teen Mom on Netflix. Gotta keep the pops with a job, right?  bahah. No, it's my guilty pleasure. 

Just don't tell anyone, k?

So, while we're on the topic I've been drooling over some fun stuff.

I want a dog.
SOO bad! A little pup! 
I'm thinking Pug, Weston doesn't quite like those. But I almost had my mom convinced to get a pug after Chloe died (RIP), but it was a no-go.
I also LOVE boxers.
And chocolate labs.
& English Bulldogs.
& Maltese Poodles.

Hmm...I can't have any, maybe I'll settle for a Beta fish.

We're moving into our new place in a couple of weeks. I am SO excited.
It is just in the most beautiful setting. It is so peaceful down there. I am so excited to have my summer down there. Even though Weston will be gone all the time... I'm sad about that, but happy with the peace of knowing he loves his job so much. He especially loves it when he's protecting homes or cities from fires. He's such a hero!

I'm getting SO excited for Weston's birthday, as well! Who's wanting an invitation to his party?

It'll be at our new place. & I'm so excited!
He'll be 25 this year. 

A whole
of a century old! 

Wowzers, that old man of mine is still super hot!

I feel like I've been hit by a Mack truck today!  But work is good & the weekend is almost here! & it's Pay Day, so I'm even happier! :)

I love you all & hope you're having a splendid day!


Some Pitchas!!

 Our friends Bonnie & Mike got married! Oh happy day!
 It was a beautiful wedding ceremony & reception in downtown Provo!  They were the perfect bride & groom! We love these two!

Mike & Wes are on the same fire squad.  I have loved getting to know Bonnie, too!
We're so blessed with such awesome friends!
 Spencie's mission call opening. Don't worry we had all who cared to watch spying through that laptop right there. The brain, Spencie, knows of a way to make a 1-way skype type thing so that people can go to a web address & watch. It was pretty cool, lots of people got to tune in through that!
 Mr. Jacob himself
 Miss Alia & Jacqueline!
 Colin & Spencie ready to open their calls! 
Colin is from TN, also, him & Spence are good buds.
 drum roll...
 ze crowd
 Cali Colombia, the country.
 Deej, Spencie, Me & Wes
 So excited! Spencie's giong to the Mexico Torreon mission (it has an accent somewhere in the word, but I don't know how to type those)

 Both thrilled.
They both weighed their calls in the envelopes on a meat scale. They weighed the EXACT same. So they knew they were either both going stateside or both going foreign.

I think Spence was relieved when Colin opened his up & it was foreign. Happy boys. Spencer was dreading an Idaho mission call!

Now onto Valentine's day!
 Curled toes=so excited
 So Wes got spoiled as far as gifts go. I have a running list of fun little gifts for him that I think he'd like or what he needs. So he got 2 bike accessories. A lock & a little flashing light that hooks onto the back for dark bike riding.
 He got a license plate cover. He's so excited!
This can be purchased at the Flag Shop in downtown Provo.
 I got Wes this:
Except I got it for $11 on Amazon. He loves it.
I got THIS for my birthday last year from Deej.
I love it. I surprised Weston w/ the Q&A a day, it is more manly looking & very awesome. He LOVES it.
 & then his favorite show.
 About to go on our Valentine's date!
 We went to Outback.  It's our new tradition.
 We had so much fun!
 Self Timer. Booyah!
 I start to puff up my cheeks. Wes goes in for a smooch.
We're coordinated.
 Interrigation lamp.
 Nom. Me <3 limes.
 You know those sexy lip & straw pictures? This isn't one of those. Wes was trying to document the bubbles. Didn't happen. & neither did the sexy lips. I'll work on that.
 Me love food.
Me love big burger.
how to make gif

Crazy eyes. 
He is so cute.

Life is good!
btw. want to see our future home? 
We are excited.
There is a little pond right there to the side & then in the backyard of the house there is an enormous pond, that you can't see right there. It's on the right side of the picture. But it's the flat line next to the house. The two windows on the corner of the basement facing us are our bedroom windows. Our other windows have window wells & let in a lot of great lights.  There are fields are all to the left. from this camera angle Salem Hills High School is directly behind Wes.  We love it. & today just solidified our decision to get out of Provo. It's going to be a bigger commute.  But moving out of the nasty Provo congestion is so worth it to me. I'm so happy!  We spent all day today at our new house today. I was so happy.
We got a couch from KSL this week. $15. So worth the investment. We're so happy.  I'll post more pictures of it later! I also made some house decor down there while Wes was napping today. I'm not sure if it's successful yet, it takes 24 hrs to dry, so I'll let you know how that one goes!
Anyways, we're doing well & having fun.  Love you all & hope life is treating you well.

BTW did you see the sweet post my husband wrote me on Valentine's Day. He's amazing. The greatest husband.  I have so much fun with that man. I love him.

So, Wes engraved my ring on Valentine's Day. It's amazing. It was finished on Thursday, it took them longer than expected.  It's so shiny. I didn't realize my ring was so dirty, till he put it back on my finger. Poor boy tried to surprise me, but that ring is NEVER off my finger. I literally mean never. Except for my soccer games.

We're playing intramurals again this semester. We're on Spencie's team. It is so fun. I have so many bruises!

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