Life is just plain good! 

Wes is LOVING school. I am still working my 8-5 & sometimes 9-6 depending.

I have finished designing Melissa's wedding announcement, I'll post a picture of that later. They're great.

Today Weston is running with the Lehi Fire Department ambulance. He is like a child in a candy shop. SO ecstatic. We went and got him Dickies at Walmart last night (speaking of which, keep it a secret, but pops came into town for a couple hours on his way home from LA to Nashville). It was so fun having him here & he went to Walmart with us! He looked all sharp with his khaki pants dark polo & fire boots! He was SO excited! He practiced taking my vitals last night. As I slept hahah creepy? Not in our house!

I have been doing my duties as a daughter and watching Teen Mom on Netflix. Gotta keep the pops with a job, right?  bahah. No, it's my guilty pleasure. 

Just don't tell anyone, k?

So, while we're on the topic I've been drooling over some fun stuff.

I want a dog.
SOO bad! A little pup! 
I'm thinking Pug, Weston doesn't quite like those. But I almost had my mom convinced to get a pug after Chloe died (RIP), but it was a no-go.
I also LOVE boxers.
And chocolate labs.
& English Bulldogs.
& Maltese Poodles.

Hmm...I can't have any, maybe I'll settle for a Beta fish.

We're moving into our new place in a couple of weeks. I am SO excited.
It is just in the most beautiful setting. It is so peaceful down there. I am so excited to have my summer down there. Even though Weston will be gone all the time... I'm sad about that, but happy with the peace of knowing he loves his job so much. He especially loves it when he's protecting homes or cities from fires. He's such a hero!

I'm getting SO excited for Weston's birthday, as well! Who's wanting an invitation to his party?

It'll be at our new place. & I'm so excited!
He'll be 25 this year. 

A whole
of a century old! 

Wowzers, that old man of mine is still super hot!

I feel like I've been hit by a Mack truck today!  But work is good & the weekend is almost here! & it's Pay Day, so I'm even happier! :)

I love you all & hope you're having a splendid day!


  1. You can spend all summer hanging out with me then!! Haha We totally want an invite to the party! Oh, and you are welcome to borrow are furry dogs anytime, just in case you need a fix.haha :)

  2. Rachel! So happy all is so GOOD with you and Wes! You guys are great! I can't wait for you to move-so fun for you! I HOPE to be out there sometime around Danielle's bday, but not really sure yet-so much work to leave town these days...but if we do, we can see your new place!!! (and probably stay with you??) Love you dear!!!

  3. so glad things are going well for you guys! :) Morgan and I love Payson...it's so nice and peaceful in that area. And no worries...I watch 16 and pregnant when Morgan's not home.


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