So Rachel does not know this, but I hijacked her account so that I could write some nice things about her!! 

Today is our second Valentines Day, and let me tell you it was AWESOME!!
Rachel started if off by letting me open my presents last night (they were exactlywhat I wanted), and waking me up this morning to homemade Mounds! You know 
those totally delicious chocolate covered coconut candybars? Yeah. She made some 
and they were SOOO good!!

Anyway that is enough about what she got me for the holiday, this post is about what love so much about 
Rachel Stolworthy Brinkerhoff! 

1. That nomatter what day it is she ALWAYS wakes up at 7:00!! Even if she can sleep in!
2. She makes the BEST chocolate covered pretzels
3. She looks BREATHTAKING in sweats 
4. She is slow to judge
5. She loves everyone, and shows it by helping them 
6. Calls me out on my random trivia
7. Humors my LAME jokes 
8. She can stay awake longer then anyone I know. 
9. Easy to talk to, great for advice because she ACTUALLY listens. 
10. Can read anyone like a book. 
11. Can play Ultimate Frisbee with the best of them!  
12. Beats me at any card game...Make that any game we play! 
13. Loves to sing in public places, because she forgets she is in public (so cute)
14. Always cheers for the underdog (she loves pugs)
15. Says inappropriate things, that everyone is thinking, but too embarrassed to say. 
16. Could not say a mean thing about a person if she tried! 
17. Is TERRIFIED of spiders!
18. Gets chicken fingers and mashed potatoes at EVERY restaurant! 
No joke, while dating her parents sent us a gift card to the Cheesecake 
Factory (SO GOOD AND SO NICE!!), anyway, she ordered chicken 
19. She is a bulldog, does not let ANYONE walk on her! She got me fired from 
a job because of that attribute...... Baha funny story actually!!
20. Loves DIY projects, especially ones that involve sewing and crafting!
21. Loves country music as much as me!! 
22. Future mother of our children. 
23. My eternal sweetheart that I am sealed to FOREVER!
24. Looks sexy with messy hair!!
25. Makes me strive to be a better man when I am with her!

I love Rachel, my sweetheart, my one and only!! 
Forever and always 

P.S I love you!!


  1. AWESOME, Weston!!!! I LOVED reading this! You guys are the cutest! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. This was the sweetest! I can see why Rachel loves you so much! We love you too for being you and doing such a kind thing on Sweetheart Day! Rachel, you deserve this and more! Thanks for remembering me on Valentine's Day! I love for it and too many numerous things to mention! Also, I know about her love for chicken and we have long given up any chance that she will order anything else but chicken fingers. LOL

  3. Suppose to read, I love YOU for it...


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