Today I feel like a Kardashian!

Right as I was leaving for work, Wes hijacked my wedding ring. He said he tried to do it sneakily, but that just doesn't work because it is never ever off my hand. So, he has something up his sleeve. Not quite sure what. I felt naked w/o my ring so I put on the old dress up jewelry ring Grandpa Brink gave me while we were waiting for my ring to get here. It's way too enormous...soooo Wes suggested taping around the back of it so it won't swing around. I did that when I got to work. & this thing is a honker. I'm actually kind of embarrassed by it. It is SO big.  I'm excited to see what Wes is doing to my ring though! :D  However, whatever he does you won't be getting picturse for a while. Here's why:
We watched Enough on Friday night. I was so freaked out. I gnawed off EVERY one of my lusciously long nails. Then this morning. Had a very intense phone call with Sprint working out bill issues. I was frustrated. I chewed on my nails again! Basically right now they look like a warzone. & then sanded down. It's baaaaaaad!

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