We are an ADD family!

So, let me tell you a couple stories about some unmedicated ADD-ers.

I was tested in 2009 & have ADD...but I figured, I'm halfway through college, my grades are already what they are....so why do medication? As I get older, I see more and more how this affects my life.  It's pretty fun, but can be frustrating.

I remember sitting in class & listening to a professor & being SO excited for what they were teaching (I love learning) & 10 minutes (or longer) later realizing that an itch on my knee lead to another thought & then another & realized I just missed the entire topic I was so thrilled to hear about.

My life reminds me a little bit of this book:

One of my favorite childhood books!

Anyways, I haven't shared this with you, but I am a Vegan right now. It's wonderful. I feel so good.  But that's another blog post. No tangents in this post!

So I love popcorn whole grain & one of my most favorite snacks on this planet. I make it on the stove all the time. We even have fancy popper the Raymonds gave us for our wedding!  It is just hard to pull in and out of it's storage spot, so I'm lazy!  I used to pop my popcorn w/ olive oil, but have now switched to Pam. A thin layer of that stuff does the same job! Nom! 

Anyways, this isn't meant to be a popcorn instruction lesson, but rather an ADD story.
I was popping my lunchtime popcorn the other day.  I thought, okay I'll stir this, run put my nailpolish away & then come back & stir it again, I'll be totally good. So, I did that. Except I noticed something on the shelf was tipped over & that I had a belt lying on the ground...you get the point. I got back to charred kernels. Whoops. Trashed that lot & then headed back to the stove to try again. I wanted to run turn on netflix to watch shark week during my lunch break. I turned it on & then decided to push one more button. Then I got back to semi burnt. darn. So my popcorn was a little overcooked, but more successful than my first bunch... so I won't call it a fail! hahah This is way to common.

 So, now onto my better half, my dear husband!

So, Karen, my amazing coworker gave Weston an old Walmart bike she had a few weeks ago. It took a little bit of fixing up & the first day he got it all up & running he was so excited. He took it to school then took the bus to where it drops him off at Geneva Rd & Center street where he then gets on his bike & pedals out to the Provo Airport for his EMT course.  He does that every Tues & Thurs. it's about a 2 mile ride one way.  He's a champ & loves it.

Anyway the first night he had it he had gone back to campus from the UFRA building after working out. He was coming home & texted me "Leaving now, I BET you I can make it home in 15 minutes!" & this boy is competitive, so I was excited to see if he was going to be able to.  He runs in the house & yells "14:37, I MADE IT!"  He was excited & getting changed & then he plopped down on the computer. Which is weird, bc we're rarely ever get on the computer in the evenings. After a couple minutes he said, "I have to go somewhere really quick..." "where?" "Uhh...I left my bike on the bus..." (he had been online trying to locate a lost & found for the UTA buses) hahahha oh my goodness.  2 hours later he got back home with his bike. We had dinner at about 9 O'clock that night. Poor guy! But he chased down that bus & got that bike!

Skip forward a couple weeks:
I get a text from him while he's on the busy about how he's studying so much.
I told him he's a smartie pants husband!
45 minutes later he responds with: I'm not a smarty pants husband anymore....
He had gotten off the bus & left his phone on the bus. oh goodness. A girl drove him around & he got on ever 830 to look for his phone. Eventually he found it! Thank you, girl! I have now decided the husband needs  ropes tied to his person with all his belongings attached!

Anyways. This is how we roll in our house.

Any of you have experiences like these often?


  1. children will be interesting.....

    you forgot to give me a shout out for getting my ADD sister up and ready for seminary and/or school for a few years.
    one word: PATIENCE.

  2. Bahahaha....so funny! The thing about you and Weston that makes you BOTH so special, is that you are "people" people! Not as task-oriented possibly as others and that has it's own blessings/coolness...weaknesses keep us humble! xoxoxox

  3. Ha ha ha! I've got five boys, so these things happen ALL the time in my life!

    You reminded me of my HS graduation. As we all walked in and sat down, I thought, "Oh my goodness. This is so sad. This is the last time we'll all be together!"

    5 minutes later I was thinking, "Oh.My.Goodness. This is so boring!" ...then my mind wandered for the rest of graduation and I don't remember a thing that was said! :)


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