Good morning!

Today was a "Catch-every-red-light-on-your-way-to-work" type of morning.

No, it was a really great morning, but I did catch every read light.
All 7. & I live 2 miles from work. Literally 2.0 miles. I know, my commute is horrific. 

But really 7 stoplights? that's insane! Salem you're lookin more fine every day! Except my commute will be increased by 12.5 miles, I am still so excited to not live downtown. Okay, so it's not a very big city, but still, you come to Provo & feel one second of it's overcrowdedness & I'll hear your cries for freedom, too!

But anyway, happy hump-day! Sleep does the body & mind well. I feel so rested & chipper today! Even got up in time for zumba this mornin, happy day!  Now if I can just increase the rate at which work passes today!

btw. Poor hubs is sick as a dog!

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  1. I need to count my red lights to get to work, too. It would be interesting to see. I drive in heavy traffic every day but one good thing, only one turn to make, easy to get to the Employment Center as far as the directions go. Some one at the Center had her kid counting how many trucks on the road to keep her busy and she counted 800 trucks! This wasn't even a long trip either! If we didn't buy so much "stuff",,,then not so many bad boys on the road!


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