We're doing a DIY for our Family Home Evening activity tonight! So, I'm going through old blog posts at work to collect pictures for them, it's making me nostalgic...I miss being a student!!

Oh wait... I don't miss this:

My school life was never like this:
(mainly because looking at cookies makes my hips grow)
but more like this:
okay, so maybe I still look(feel) like the Monopoly man, but we've come leaps & bounds in our finances & in every aspect since being newlyweds in that old Springville apartment.  Not that it was just old to us. It was just old. & the hall smelled like dead bodies. & because there was a grill type mechanism above our door (which our apt had no central air) it also made our apartment smell like dead people, nothing quite like comin home....

Now we live the high life driving the Geo Metro, learned how to be *more* frugal & I am so grateful for parents who learned their lessons with finances & didn't want me to make the same mistakes & taught me all of their little tips & tricks while saving money honestly & ethically.

I like to say I'm out of school, & it does feel that way when I sit in my work chair all 8 hrs every day & I'm not hiking a mile to & from campus.  Not to mention I drive.  All my college years I walked. Everywhere. Or rode my (mostly) trusty bike.  But then I realize I am still in school, because Wes is. & let's be honest, husband needs help from the wife when it comes to school.  My brain has a knack at remember (most) events & assignments. & poor guy gets nagged, but assignments are all turned in.  SO, by the end of his college career I would have felt like I'd just earned a second Bachelor's.  Just kidding, but it is fun to learn with/through him.  He comes home each night & tells me about everything he learns. I love it. Especially since he's in Emergency Medicine. That stuff fascinates me!

Love to all!  Keep it classy!


  1. hahaha!
    and I feel the same way with David's school stuff! When he gets his degree, I think my name should be on that certificate right next to his. :) oh the joys [of being married college students].

  2. You two are just made to be together. You have so many of the same interests! Glad you are doing so well in school, Weston! Keep up the good work! Behind every good man is a great wife! Glad you are such a support to him, too, Rachel! You guys are a great team and I just love being with you! Miss you like crazy and loved my brief time at your place! I haven't called anybody 'cause it seems so overwhelming to keep in touch with so many people and then I don't call ANYONE! Just know I love you so much and appreciate you doing the blog so I can learn some things and know a little of what you are doing and how you are! Love you lots!


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