To all you ladies out there with curvier legs than Reese Witherspoon, which type boot would be more flattering for the wedding? Mid-calf or ankle? My very fashion conscious Momma & sister both vote mid-calf, anyone out there think the same or different?



  1. I like the mid-calf. When is the big day?

  2. Melissa's getting married April 27th! You coming to the reception, Nat?!

  3. Definitely mid- calf. You know very well that I've got some monster muscle calves. Even though I do enjoy an ankle boot every now and then....I think I look better with a mid-calf boot in pictures. There's always some weird angle that happens with an ankle-boot that I think makes my leg look top heavy in pictures. I support the mid-calf boot because I think it will lengthen your calf and it cuts off just as your leg begins to narrow again into your kneecap. The ankle boot usually cuts off right above your ankle just as your leg is curving outward into your calf.

    So yes......mid-calf is my vote for a non-Reese Witherspoon leg. I think it's a better balance.

    But then again......it could depend on the skirt. What do the brides maids dresses look like??

  4. They're A-line skirts! Thank you soooo much for the feedback! Very helpful hahah I'm so fashion dumb!


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