Wedding Song

This is our wedding song:

I love this song so much.  I love Wes so much.  It kind of described our relationship sweetly.  It was such a special song to us. One December night when we had been dating for 4 months we danced out in the street with the Jeep blaring this song & it was blizzard-ing all around us. Magical. Seriously.  I love him so much!

The other day Wes & I were talking & reminiscing about our wedding planning & one of my favorite runner-ups for our wedding songs was:

The original which I love SO much more than the new country cover that came out recently.
Love it. We listen to it a lot. Is it weird that we kind of have a wedding 'playlist' that make me think of our wedding day rather than just a wedding song? hahah 

Wes is so great & takes such great care of me! I could not have asked for a better or more dedicated husband. We have so much fun together. He is always doing so many nice things for me. Aka the days between Christmas break that we had to come back for my work he spent his days off building us a really nice closet shelf. Friday while I was at work he cleaned the entire apartment top to bottom.  He did the dishes the whole time Grandmother was here & throughout December when he had school off he did the dishes while I was at work most days & worked to keep the house clean. It meant so much that when I got home I could relax. He made me an awesome half marathon training schedule that I started a few weeks ago right before Christmas break. He always encourages me.  I've been having kind of a hard time lately with something & he is always a listening ear & a good shoulder to cry on.  I know, duh, that's what hubs are for, but I'm sure that he treats me better than I deserve & unconditionally.  He is great & I just wanted to share a little bit of that with you.  We've almost been married for 1.5 years. Weird. & he turns 25 in 2 months. WEIRD! Old man! 

Love you all & I really hope you've been able to get back in to the swing of things in this New Year & I pray for 2012 to be another fantastic year!

Also, we had Grandmother stay with us this weekend between her MTC weeks. It was HILARIOUS. I will give you more info on that later. She is so fun.

Btw, if you're not watching the Republican Debates, you should! They're so informative & it is so extremely important for us & every generation to be interested & informed in what is going on in politics. The power of 1 vote makes all the difference. I hope you are doing your research & looking into who you are going to be voting for in the Presedential vote at the end of the year.

Who I am most impressed with at the moment.


Romney.  Pretty much I think he is great. I like his tax cutting plans & I also like his smaller government ideas. & so much more.

Santorum.  Thank you, Santorum, for standing up for family & recognizing the importance of family in our society.  Thank you for making bold statements about preserving the traditional family & promoting.  Besides the family, you have GREAT ideas & practices. I would 100% vote for Romney as President & Santorum as his vice. Their ideas and plans are both what I think could help improve this country.

Rick Perry.  You rock, I am not quite positive how you would do as president, but your smile sure is the cutest old man smile. I enjoy that you smile while you talk, though you seem a little goofy.


Jon Huntsman. I think you are self absorbed. I am not a fan.

Gingrich. Your personal life & infidelity is disgusting & if it came down to you & Obama I might actually vote for Obama who has to has good family values & has stayed loyal to his wife.
You couldn't hold morals if they were handed to you on a silver platter. & how dare you call Romney a liar when you know those ads were not put out by him. You looked like an idiot.

Ron Paul, you have good ideas, but you seem like an extremist. & that is freaky.

Anyways, those are my thoughts!

Love you all! I hope life is grand!

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  1. Rachel, I LOVE this song. This was almost our wedding song too. P.S. Congrats with your new calling =)


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